What If I Can't Seek Therapy?

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If you wish to improve your mental health, therapy is a helpful tool. Mental health plays a very significant role in how you feel and live your life. Having poor mental health can affect every area of your life, from work to relationships, and basic hygiene. People may desire therapy, but may be unable to afford it, or face other obstacles preventing accessibility.  Even if you want to seek therapy, what should you do if you are unable to do so? Here are a few tips on how to incorporate therapeutic techniques into your daily life without visiting a therapist.

When you cannot seek therapy, knowing when your body and mind need time alone is the first and most critical step you should take. You should make the most of your alone time- but don’t overdo it. Socializing is also critical to your mental health! Adequate alone time stimulates your creativity. In our alone time, we often discover our hidden talents. My alone time led me to discover a passion for writing, where I can express myself on a screen or on paper. Video games are one of my boyfriend's favorite pastimes. In addition to making him happy, it motivates him to improve at the game he's playing. To help you forget about things that might stress you out, a personal activity is necessary. 

Journaling is another therapeutic activity. Many people think journaling is just ranting, but sometimes ranting is healthy. Venting your frustrations to family members or friends may not always be the most suitable option.When journaling, you do not have to worry about what other people think or say. You openly expel all your worries, unburdening you from distress. It also allows you to be reflective about your thoughts, and to make smart decisions. Journaling is something I do at least two to four times a week, and it has helped immensely.  

Music is another source of therapeutic relief. Music lovers are everywhere. There is new music released almost every day. Music can alter your mood depending on what you listen to. For example, I enjoy cleaning my room while I listen to upbeat music in order to motivate me. Music encourages and moves people. Music makes people dance and have fun. It allows people to reminisce and heal. I personally consider music a source of therapy. If I didn't have music, I wouldn't know what to do. We all have a favorite song - turn it on and jam out! I'm sure you will feel much better afterwards.

Reading is an excellent tool for relaxation and escape. Since I have been in and out of writer's block, I currently read in my spare time. You can easily lose yourself in a compelling novel. It is an escape from the real world. When you read, you can clear your mind from anything you may be worrying about at that moment in time. Start reading a novel in a genre you enjoy! 

Exercise is the last and final method I can offer to people who cannot seek therapy. Exercising helps the mind as well as the body. It doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective. Walking is something I enjoy, even if it is not considered vigorous exercise.  If the weather is unfavorable, hop on the treadmill and walk away your worries. Once you've moved your body, you’ll feel relieved. Take it at your own pace. 

Take care of your mental health as you would a child. Be gentle and consistent. Do not allow others to steal your joy or time. If you are feeling drained, try these methods or come up with some of your own! It will definitely make you feel better. Remember, these suggestions are not a substitute for real therapy. If you are suffering from mental health issues, I highly recommend seeking professional help!

Written by: Audre Arnett

Instagram: @infinityaudreee

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