My Top 4 Personal Wellness Instagrams

My top 4 personal wellness Instragrams

Through mindless hours of scrolling, it’s easy to become trapped in false perceptions of reality. I often find myself comparing my life to the grandiose, lavish images on the internet. In order to counterbalance the negative effects of social media, I have taken it upon myself to follow mental health instagram pages, so my feed is constantly supplying me uplifting, helpful resources. Below, I’ve listed some incredible wellness Instagrams, spanning a wide variety of topics and content styles. Hopefully, you can find a page that deeply resonates with you, and your personal goals. 

 1. @danaemercer

Before and after posing body

Danae is an eating disorder survivor and journalist who promotes body positivity and female empowerment. Her posts often highlight the unseen truth of living in an imperfect body. From stretch marks to body rolls, she lays it all on the table. It is quite refreshing to see such an authentic person on my timeline, rather than the tiring cascade of photoshopped images. Danae focuses on normalizing taboo topics, such as periods, bloating, aging, and deceitful camera angles. Her before and afters, showing how posing your body changes its appearance, have provided me with a fresh perspective on digital life. What you see on the internet simply does not reflect reality!

2. @spiritdaughter

Calming practices for the signs

If you are enamored with astrology and personal wellness, then I have the perfect pege for you. Spirit Daughter focuses on achieving peace, confidence, and happiness through astrological explorations. Through a wide range horoscopes and astrology readings, Spirit Daughter is intent on helping you achieve balance in your life. They feature a wide range of informative graphics, inspirational quotes, and stunning artistry. If you are a zodiac fiend, I definitely recommend checking out this Instagram! 

3. @iamnotanartist_

Days at home expectations vs. reality graph

Contrary to popular belief, @iamnotanartist_ truly IS a wonderful artist! His simple, yet relatable illustrations document the trials and tribulations of everyday life, adulthood, and more. Finding this invaluable resource has helped me feel a LOT less alone during these tumultuous times. His page uses simple graphs, messages, and doodles to relay universal messages. One of my favorite posts is a circle graph titled “Fears of Getting Old”. A tiny portion is dedicated to “wrinkles, dying”, while a majority of the graph represents “having to be a responsible adult”. As I approach the end of my college career, this graph genuinely speaks to me. I am simply terrified of embarking upon adulthood, living on my own, and starting life! Luckily, this Instagram page allows me to feel a little less alone. 

4. @selfcare4yu

Self-care means giving the world the best of you instead of what's left of you.

This Instagram page provides actionable, relevant remedies to endemic mental health and social obstacles. Through a series of informative graphics, each post is brimming with resources, information, and solutions to all your mental health concerns! If you are genuinely struggling to maintain your psychological wellness, I highly recommend checking out this page. Their topics span a vast array of categories, from “How to Practice Real Self Care” to “Signs You Are Overwhelmed”.

These wellness-oriented IG pages provide me with hope, and transform my feed into a positive environment. I highly recommend following each and every one of these accounts! In addition, it is vital to seek out resources that apply to your personal mental health aspirations. The internet is overflowing with artists, advocates, and professionals who are intent on making the world a better place. And once you find a page that speaks to you, there is absolutely no turning back.  



Written By: Brianna Rauchman



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