How to Fight the FOMO

How to Fight the Fomo (Fear of Missing Out)

When we have social media in front of our face 24/7, it makes it difficult to avoid FOMO (aka the fear of missing out). FOMO makes us feel like we’re in a rut, like we need to speed up the pace of our life, by earning a college degree, getting married, socializing with friends, buying a house, etc. While people flaunt their progressing lives and achievements, you may just be starting your own new beginning, and that is completely okay!

FOMO is anxiety induced by an event that may currently be happening elsewhere, often highlighted by social media posts. The feeling of FOMO is inevitable, but there are ways that we can escape this icky feeling, and gain better clarity of the situation at hand.  

The first step to counteracting FOMO is practicing gratitude, and focusing more on the things you do have, rather than things you don’t. When you focus on what’s missing from your life, you create an extensive list of negativity that hides all the positivity. By prioritizing the positive elements in your life, you forge a brand new, appreciative mindset. 

Another trick to overcoming FOMO is journaling. Holding in your FOMO anxiety and fear can feel overwhelming, to say the least. Your mind may run rampant with self-deprecating ideas, as you wish you could resemble the people you saw online. When journaling about the positive elements of your life, it helps settle these fears, and redirect attention toward the beauty in your everyday routine. 

Limiting your time on social media can also be a useful tool. Oftentimes, social media merely provides the highlights of someone's life, or a certain event, rather than the trials and tribulations that unfold in the background.  The snapshots portrayed on social media often disguise the unfavorable truth. For example, if someone went to a party, had a horrible time, but only posted the “good times” at the event, no one would know how much the party actually sucked! 

Whenever you feel the FOMO, remember that nothing is as perfect as it seems on social media.  Even the most popular IG influencer has their doubts, insecurities, and struggles. Rather than focusing on the faults in your life, redirect attention toward the positive. Withdraw from social media, conserve your energy for better pursuits, and you will find the FOMO slowly fades away. 

Written by: Breanna Evinger

Instagram: @breannaevinger 

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