Hot Take: Procrastination is Productive

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A lot of online pandemic content is designed to be inspirational and motivational. Influencers are promoting their latest at-home workout; home chefs bake sourdough from scratch; friends are learning new languages and taking online classes, and that’s great...for them! 

In a culture driven by action, content like this makes us feel like we have to take advantage of our extra time at home. This is simply not the case. We need to take a step back and realize that sometimes doing nothing, and allocating time for mental health, is exactly what we need! Everyone requires time to unpack their emotions and process feelings in a healthy, productive manner. 

Like everything in life, there’s healthy and unhealthy versions of procrastination. Unhealthy procrastination entails anxiety and self-deprecation. Likewise, while it’s good to keep busy, don’t overschedule your life to avoid sitting with your feelings--allow yourself the space and time to work through your emotions! When you do choose to work, don’t over-analyze and nitpick your efficiency. Focus less on perfection, and more on the idea that you’re doing what makes you feel satisfied. 

My favorite forms of healthy procrastination include taking daily walks to clear my mind, pondering potential plans, reading interesting articles, filling out crosswords to keep my brain active, taking care of my plant children (the apartment is OVERFLOWING!), and sometimes even re-organizing my desk.

So the next time someone tries to tell you “Stop doing nothing and take advantage of all the time you have right now!” just remember, there shouldn’t be any guilt over “procrastination”. Time spent on yourself is never wasted!

Written by: Christy Wong

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