A Creative Outlet For Everyone

A Creative Outlet

In this pandemic, a creative outlet is a lifesaver! You don’t have to be a professional artist, musician, or chef to be creative; there are activities out there for everyone! Engaging your energy in a fun, expressive outlet greatly benefits your mental wellness. Check out our favorite ways to let off some steam and combat anxiety:

1. Follow a paint along video on Youtube with some gal pals and have a virtual wine and paint night.

2. Bake your favorite dessert (I’m looking at you, chocolate chip banana bread!) and share it with friends and family.

3. Put on some relaxing music and have an adult coloring book session--time to break out that set of coloring pencils you’ve been saving!

4. Create some music and feel the beat with free song-making websites like Splice, Blokdust, Music Lab!

5. Get some friends together virtually and check out the Just Girl Project "Get Inspired" page for specially designed creativity packets, coloring pages, and wellness worksheets! 

Making art is for everyone! Just have fun, let go, and enjoy the process!

Written by: Christy Wong

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