A Busy Girl's Guide to Finding Me-Time

A Busy Girl's Guide to Finding Me-Time

No matter how social of a butterfly you are, everyone has to have sufficient alone time. It could last a few hours, or it could be a whole day! I would like to call this precious period of personal space “me-time”. Me-time does not just mean doing things for yourself. It’s about spending time with yourself and engaging in much needed self-reflection. You can’t always have someone around to entertain you, so you have to learn how to keep yourself satisfied and occupied when others are busy, and be your own best friend. People often struggle with finding satisfaction in solitude, because they are so used to having a group of people to hang out with or talk to on a daily basis. However, it is important to have personal time carved into your life routines. 

I had the most me-time when I was still a child. My parents were working, and my siblings had hobbies or were in college. I was often left alone without supervision, and I found most of my personal growth and development occurred during these pivotal moments.  However, when you become an adult, me-time is one of the most difficult things to pack in a busy schedule.

Since reaching adulthood,  I have little-to-no personal time. I work forty-five minutes from my house. I am going to start my 4-year college in the fall. Every person around me fills up the time I have off. So how do I find that precious me-time? The answer is simple: boundaries. Personally, I have a hard time telling people “no,” and that’s the reason why I relinquish personal time throughout my week. You must learn how to set boundaries in your relationships so people can respect you when you want some time alone. 

Remember, that your personal time can be filled with anything you desire. Want to finish that book you started reading three weeks ago? To write about what made you upset this past week? Do you want to go out and buy yourself something nice? You can do all these things! It is important to tell the people around you that you are taking this time to yourself. They must respect your boundaries as you do with their’s. 

Adult life is a swing of constant chaos; you just need to take a breather from everything happening around you. I am already scheduling a personal self care day for the beginning of school in August. I have to go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so my personal rejuvenation time will be on Wednesdays. If you often find yourself prioritizing work and social engagements over personal time, try creating a specific schedule to encourage more me-time. 

I recommend saving at least 2-3 hours per week where you set aside time to reconnect with and treat yourself. This time is valuable to your mental wellness! If you’d like, compile a list of things you want to complete during this time. I call my list my “ME list”. Your mental health is top priority, and it’s time to advocate for your own needs.  Personal time is an act of self-care that you deserve. Give yourself that time! 

Written by: Audre Arnett 

Instagram: Audre Arnett

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