Your Body May Change, Your Worth Will Not

True beauty isn't limited to one size

Your body may change during quarantine, and that’s a hard thing to accept. Weight gain is natural, especially in isolation. Gyms are closed, we’re trying new recipes, and we’re stress eating. However, this is not something to shame. Gaining weight should not be feared. We are taught from such a young age that to be skinny, is to be beautiful. This harmful rhetoric creates an unhealthy relationship with food. Food nourishes us; food gives us energy; food empowers us; food should not be feared. Weight gain is this taboo thing that we don’t talk about, and when we do, it’s in a negative context. What’s so bad about it? Who gives us the right to determine who is “healthy” and who is not? 

I spent so much time hating my body. Any thought of weight gain terrified me. I looked at my body as something to be feared, rather than loved. I spent so much time focusing my attention on my appearance, instead of appreciating the amazing things my body does for me.

I developed such a toxic environment within the borders of my skin; I forgot that my body was supposed to make me feel safe. 

Your body is your home. Your body is your safe space. Your body does not determine your worth, or your beauty. Your body should be protected, loved, and cherished...even if it changes. Change is normal. Your weight may fluctuate, but your worth will not. Your weight may fluctuate, but your love for your body should not. 



Written By: Haley Toch

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