Mindset Work: The Anxiety Hack You Need to Try ASAP

2 signs, one says fixed mindset and one says growth mindset

Sometimes life throws us curve balls - whether it be health issues, relationship problems, mental health struggles (we’ve all been there), but you know what can make life a whole lot easier? Doing MINDSET WORK. Mindset work is all about living life with a growth mentality - meaning that you live life knowing that it is possible to make positive changes, and you are not stuck forever in your current way of living. It’s about knowing that you can take control of how you feel and make the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

Learning about and practicing mindset work is literally like having the world’s best handbook on How-to Life. When we empower ourselves with mindset and personal development tools, it can help us navigate through life better and with   more confidence as we are no longer held back by our self-imposed challenges. Mindset work changed my life, and it can change yours, too! Here’s 3 ways that doing mindset work can benefit you: 

1. Helps you overcome challenges and struggles

Do you struggle with anxiety? Low confidence? Mindset work provides you with personal development tools and mindset shifts that allow you to start managing and diminishing chronic negative conditions such as stress, anxiety and negative thinking. When you learn the tools to see problems objectively with an action-oriented mindset, you can work through challenges with ease and confidence.

2. Helps you to better process through your emotions

Negative emotions can be really challenging to work through when you don’t know that there are better ways to process your feelings. A big part of mindset work is learning about the powerful mindset techniques you can implement to process your emotions and shift to a more positive state of being. You can work through tough emotions and get back to a more positive place by practicing self-soothing techniques and strengthening your emotional resilience so that little things don’t set you off. If there are negative feelings that pop up, you have the tools to work through those uncomfortable feelings so that you can get back to feeling better sooner. These tools help you process through your emotions in the moment and also help you build up your tolerance to negative emotions in the long term.

3. Helps you to improve your mindset and increase your happiness

A big part of mindset work is recognizing the areas in your life where you are limiting yourself from experiencing joy and happiness, then learning how to reprogram your mind to improve your mindset. Our thinking works in patterns. If we notice we often think negatively, it’s because it has become a default habit, and if we want to think more positively, we can alter our thinking and make positive feedback our new default pattern. By reprogramming your beliefs, you can create a more positive mindset for yourself, resulting in more happiness in your life.

Mindset work is really the gift that keeps on giving. When you learn about all the tools and methods that you can use to overcome your challenges, conquer your fears and achieve your goals, it’s the most empowering feeling ever. Whatever challenges life throws at you, you can handle it, and It all starts with mastering your mindset. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how mindset work can change your life, reach out to a mindset coach (like me!). Once you start doing the work and seeing the positive shifts in your life, you’ll be happy that you did.

Written by: Julia, The Anxiety Free Happy Mindset Coach
Instagram: @livingmy2.0


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