Mental Health in a Virtual World

mental health

For a lot of us, life has abruptly shifted to online forums. From virtual school, to remote work, the transition has been tough. As a college student, with only two quarters of online school under her belt, I am not yet an expert at adapting to new environments. However, my experience adjusting to a virtual college life taught me how to prioritize my mental health during tumultuous times.  


1. First, create a schedule. This can be a very loosely structured schedule, but something is always better than nothing. Develop a sense of routine by waking up, eating, and sleeping at around the same time everyday. This helps create some consistency within your day, and ensures you don’t stay in bed all day, or lie awake all night. 


2. Get fully dressed and ready everyday (and no that does not mean a nice top and sweatpants!).  This will create some normality in your routine, preparing you to take on the day! By focusing on maintaining your routine, you will be more energized and engaged in your tasks. 


3. Create a fun workspace. Do not work on your classes from your bed! Find a table, invest in some fun decorations, add some photos, and get ready to work (or learn)! A positive, aesthetically pleasing environment creates a productive space to work, and will challenge you to leave your bed! 


4. Go outside everyday! This may seem easy, but we often get wrapped up in our little world, and forget to take the time to embrace the outdoors. Whether it’s sitting in the sun for 5 minutes, or going on a walk, the blue sky and green grass will invigorate your spirit!


Life may have moved online, but it is still incredibly important to take care of yourself and your mental health. The world is changing, but self-love and self-care did not go anywhere!

Written by: Haley Toch

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