8 self care things we are doing to spark creativity

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  1. Lighting our favorite candle- We love lighting our favorite to help set the mood!
  2. Spa day- A nice bath or even a facial is one of our favorite ways to spend a self-care day!
  3. At home mani- Painting your own nails just might spark a little creativity while making yourself feel good!
  4. Working out- Sometimes we just need to get the endorphins going!
  5. Meditation- Clearing our mind and taking a few breaths always helps us reset. 
  6. Calling friends and family- We love checking in on loved ones and getting to catch! 
  7. Reading- Sometimes the best ideas come when reading! A little detail in a book might just spark some new ideas.
  8. Having a cocktail- There's nothing better than a cocktail and the end of a long day to help us unwind and think of something new

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