10 things to help be creative in Quarantine

10 things to help be creative in Quarantine
  1. Keep a journal- Every morning or night write a little something about your day or how you're feeling.
  2. Find fellow creatives- Get together with friends or fellow artists and have a zoom happy hour!
  3. Listen to a podcast or read a book about a favorite artist- Take this time to maybe learn about an artist you like. See what helped them become creative. It might spark something in you!
  4. Take a nap- Sometimes a little rest can help you reset and help spark that creative juice!
  5. Take a walk- Let nature inspire you! Take some pictures along the way to use for inspiration.
  6. Meditate- Take a breath! Find a comfy spot and spend 20 minutes allowing yourself to clear your thoughts.
  7. Take a stab at a new medium- You never know you might find out that a new type of art form will spark some new ideas!
  8. Bleach dye some clothes- Have a little fun and try something not so serious. Plus you’ll get fun new clothes out of it!
  9. Try a new recipe- Get out of your comfort zone a little and cook something new! Fuel your creativity!
  10. Don’t be too hard on yourself- It’s okay if you're struggling to be creative right now. Don't force yourself to do anything that doesn't feel right!

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