These 3 Poems Will Transform Your Self-Love Journey

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Today’s blog will be a bit different than the rest, because it’s not a blog. It’s three poems! If the thought of reading poetry instantly reminds you of struggling through Shakespeare in high school, don’t be afraid. It’s not that kind of writing. I write poetry to help myself (and others) process emotions and provide a space for deep reflection. The following poem, titled “Dear Self,” is an ode to the person you see in the mirror.  

If you’ve ever struggled with body image, this first poem is for you. We live in a world with so many expectations placed on our bodies, causing self-doubt and insecurity. I hope my poem can provide some relief, and allow you to rethink your relationship with your body. 


“Dear Self”

I’m standing in front of the mirror.

I see my skin,

I see my chest,

I see the imperfect shape.

I talk to my body,

“Why have they hurt you?”

“Why have I hurt you?”

No kindness, negative voices,

What does it all amount to?

My body does not belong to them.

My body was not born to be judged.

My body is not your property. 

My body has nothing wrong.

I am not the problem,

But I can be the solution. 


The hardest phase we have to go through is having a love that was reciprocated but is no longer alive in our reality. The struggles of a painful breakup is another topic I love to cover in my poems. Many of us have lived through a relationship that we thought would be forever…but life had other plans. When true love burns, all you can do to survive is express yourself, and feel your feelings.  


“A Summer Dream” 

My memory will never be clean again,

Our tarnished love blurs the view. 

When you were my world,

Our summer was beautiful.

Time ceased to trickle by, 

When you stopped to stare.  

3 am phone calls,  

Those nocturnal confessions. 

We lived in a fairytale

For a moment.

We lived in la la land 

For a breath.

Like two fools dancing, 

We existed for each other. 

The moment you stepped into my mind

I craved your presence.




Addicted to the taste of love. 

Since when did things turn bittersweet? 

Since when did the flower fail to bloom?

Since when did the sky turn cold and gray?

Maybe it’s time to let go of you. 

Maybe we will meet again

In a summer dream. 


Mental health is another topic I am passionate about. Life comes with ups and downs, many that unfold within our own minds. This poem serves as a reminder to take care of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being, to summon your inner strength to keep surviving. 


“Take Flight” 

We are butterflies,

Fluttering in the wind. 

Sometimes we get lost; 

We get trapped 

In a little glass jar. 

Our only way to survive 

Is to break the glass, 

To summon our strength, 

To fight and to flutter, 

Until we are free.


If you enjoyed these poems, I highly recommend writing a few of your own! It can be a truly cathartic process, allowing you to find genuine inner-healing. If writing isn’t your interest, reading poetry is another helpful tool for self-reflection. I recommend finding a poetry book or poetry Instagram account that speaks to you. 


Written by: Stefanny Leung Yu

Instagram: @stefflyp


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