The Busy Girl Diaries: 3 Tips to Balancing Work & School

The Busy Girl Diaries: 3 Tips to Balancing Work & School

Teenagers and young adults often encounter difficulty balancing work and school, constantly faced with the choice of earning money or focusing on an education. As the school year begins, many people struggle to balance these schedules in addition to maintaining a personal life. You can survive your busy life because there are numerous tips and tricks to manage it!  

My first semester at the community college showed me what a challenge it would be to work and take classes simultaneously. In the mornings, I went to class, and in the evenings, I worked. During all of this, I was not driving, so either my mother drove me to school or to work, or Lyft picked me up when she was at work. Trying to accomplish both in one day and still finding time to relax before bed was exhausting.

My hectic schedule, however, encouraged me to find new ways to stay organized. At my job, I rarely worked weekends, and I did not take classes on weekends either. During this break, I designated a space for rest and relaxation. Furthermore, my boyfriend was off every weekend as well, so we had the opportunity to spend time together.

As you balance school and work, it is always important to keep in mind that your education comes first. Although it may be frustrating to get less money because of homework, it is better to know you're getting an education, which will pay back dividends in the future. I know that bills and other financial obligations can pile up, but try to stay on top of those deadlines! Future you will be so appreciative. Most employers who hire teenagers and college students are aware of your busy school schedule, so try to work with them to balance these obligations. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can ask for time off if necessary. Try requesting time off if you have a lot of homework due that night or later in the week so you can focus on school. Also, stack on extra hours when you find school isn’t as demanding, so you can afford to take time off in the future. Again, if you speak with your boss about the matter, they are likely to understand your situation and be accommodating.

The third and final thing to remember is the importance of self-care. Your mental health is just as important as your education. Many students are miserable when school begins again, and that is because they don't take time to relax. There must be a little time in your week to pamper yourself. You should finish your assignments early so you can rest and take a break. Maintaining your mental health is equally important to meeting deadlines. There are ways to squeeze in time in between busy schedules. Use these tips to have a successful and happy school year!

Written by: Audre Arnett

Instagram: @infinityaudreee

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