Struggling to Function: The Truth Behind Workplace Burnout

Struggling to Function: The Truth Behind Workplace Burnout

Mental health is a topic I hold very dear to my heart. Breaking the stigma surrounding the matter is an ongoing process in today's world. We are all aware of just how important it is to do everything possible to take care of your mind. Every area in your life contributes to the state of your well-being, not just how you spend your free time. A massive part of many people’s daily lives are centered around their careers, which can take a toll on your mental health. 

We spend 40 hours a week, sometimes more, dedicated to a company or corporation as an employee, that ultimately keeps the business running. Others work for themselves, and are under constant pressure to produce. A recurring theme that I have personally noticed in the workplace is burn out. We get to a point where our titles and positions drain us mentally and emotionally. The long days leave us feeling dissatisfied and wanting to be a part of something more, possibly something that benefits us as well, and not just the CEOs of companies. 

It is no secret that work life can become repetitive, which in turn can lead to the feeling of exhaustion. I can’t speak for every business, but I know it can be hard as an employee to feel like you’re not just another number. Most of the time, jobs hold it against you in some way or another if you call in - often using a degrading point system. Life happens, and unfortunately, we aren’t always given a heads up to make sure we give our jobs enough time before needing a day off.  

Employees need to know that they are heard no matter what. We go in, do our job, leave, get enough time to sleep and eat, and then go back and do it all over again. The amount of time and effort employees put in for years on end should be recognized.

A vast majority of individuals know exactly what their work day will look like, and the days become repetitive. Creating a safe and open work environment when it comes to mental health is vital. The world we live in is built around our jobs. One of the first things someone will typically ask you when meeting for the first time is, “what do you do for a living?” Our careers almost become our identity.

We are taught from a very young age to figure out what we want to do when we grow up, that way we can start working towards it immediately. From a young age, we are bombarded with opinions from family members and peers, who advise us to choose our life long career. Corporations often make us feel like we need to be worked to the bone in order to succeed in life, which places our own mental health on the back burner.

It doesn’t sit well with me to be seen as a money-making machine. We need time for rest, to reset, and get our minds in check. If you have the option to take time off, do it. If your body is telling you that you need to take a step back and relax, listen to it. I know it is easier said than done, but just remember to make yourself a priority when it comes to work, because unfortunately, you are easily replaceable as an employee. 

Hopefully, as time goes on, work life culture will be reformed, and take into account every person’s individual needs. Being on autopilot 24/7 is exhausting. Take care of yourself and make sure you are mentally okay before worrying about your job; you are not selfish for prioritizing your needs! 

Written by: Selena Leon

Instagram: @selenaleon_

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