Just Girl of the Week: Alex Light (@alexlight_ldn)

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Alex Light is a 31-year-old, body positive icon hailing from London, England. After struggling from various eating disorders, Alex’s virtual platform transformed from a beauty and fashion blog, to an authentic glimpse into her personal struggles.

Only her mom and former boyfriend knew of her struggles at the time, so exposing her truth to thousands of followers was difficult, to say the least. Throughout her journey on social media, Alex has gained an expansive insight into the reality behind eating disorders, such as weight stigma and diet culture. After a long and arduous recovery, Alex is dedicated to help anyone escape the grips of an eating disorder, and take charge of their life. 

Now, Alex is ardently anti-diet. She believes that cultural and societal pressures are the root of eating disorders and body image issues. Therefore, she is devoted to enacting change through her body positive message. Alex also loves beauty, and shares her passion through Instagram stories. She also has created a diverse Facebook community where members share their stories without judgement, and receive unconditional support. To top it all off, her new podcast, “The Light Show”, features a series of brave guests, and explores their personal body image stories. 

Catch up with Alex and all her projects here, or give her a follow on Instagram to stay updated on her journey!

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