It's okay to change your mind

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So much of our modern identity is wrapped up in labels. Whether it be a sexuality, relationship status, or political party, our sense of self heavily relies upon externally imposed descriptions. This often serves as a counterproductive, immobilizing force, as we remain trapped in an identity we no longer resonate with. Do you feel obliged to present a fabricated sense of self? Do the labels you wear no longer suit your true identity? Have you changed your mind?

The media often vilifies people who transform their opinions after acquiring new information. These people are shown as weak; their identities fracturing beneath external pressures. I’d like to challenge this harmful narrative. We cannot simultaneously denounce our opposition, and berate those who have a change of heart. We simply cannot afford to judge people by who they were; we must accept them for who they are. 

It is incredibly brave to recognize that your former identity simply was not good enough. It is difficult to confront the errors of your ways, to challenge ideas you defended since childhood.  It requires an open mind and incredible courage to shed the constituents of your identity, and start anew, with an unbiased eye. 

If you are questioning your belief system due to information acquired during times like these, please understand that rebuilding your identity is a virtuous act, requiring an extensive level of self-awareness, which not everyone possesses. Be proud that you now know. Remove yourself from the shadow of ignorance. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to define who you really are. 

Help normalize “changing your mind” and please share this post with anyone you believe sits on the edge of transformation. This might be the push they need.

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