How To Prepare For A New Week

how to prepare for a new week

As the Sunday scaries settle in, the week ahead can feel like a formidable mountain. A cascade of tasks, responsibilities, and work lies ahead, as the weekend rapidly withers away. Personally, I experience the “Sunday Scaries” at about 4 p.m.; as the sun hangs lower in the sky, numerous obligations rise to the forefront of my mind. However, this preoccupation often serves as a pointless, anxiety-ridden waste of time. No amount of mental preparation will ease the burden of a stressful week. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of tactics to abate your Sunday stress!

  1. Go for a Run or Do Something Active

Moving your body effectively distracts your brain from anxious fixations. When your heart is pounding in your chest, and your lungs swell with oxygen, your mind can focus on purely physical thoughts. I recommend going for a jog, hike, or doing yoga. Outdoor activities increase feelings of relaxation. 

  1. Meal Prep for the Week

Meal prepping can provide a sense of order and routine to your chaotic schedule. It helps the week appear more manageable, as your meals are preselected. Additionally, the act of cooking is quite soothing, allowing your mind to momentarily chill. 

  1. Clean Up Your Space

A clean space is a clean mind. Undue clutter can provoke stress and anxiety. So pick up the cleaning supplies, and get scrubbing! Not only will a tidy room diminish your stress, but the act of cleaning helps relieve obsessive, anxious thoughts. 

  1. Unwind With Candles

Aroma therapy is proven to relax the mind and body through soothing smells. Light a few candles, take a dip in a bubble bath, indulge in some self care before tackling the week ahead. You deserve it!

  1. Watch an Episode of Your Favorite Show

You know that show that instantly makes you feel safe? Turn it on,  cook up some fresh popcorn, and let the Sunday scaries melt away. Why stress when you can hang out with Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica? 

I hope these tips help you avoid your next bout of the "Sunday Scaries". As we conquer this Monday, remember to take care of your needs.  You are only one person, and you shouldn’t demand the world of yourself.  In order to be productive, you have to allot time to refuel your mental and physical batteries. So next time you feel your tension rising, unwind, unplug, and take a moment to simply breathe.

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