5 Ways to Ease the Transition from the Winter Blues to Springtime Sunshine

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When it comes from emerging from our winter hibernation, it can be quite the transition. Seasonal depression or the “winter blues” is real, and affects about 5 % of the population every year. Like the recent time change, this transitional period can be a bit jarring for those whose struggle with change.

Not only does the time change, our moods might as well. Springtime brings new growth in nature and thus more invitations to physically be outside. Winter tends to inspire the inner homebody in everyone. If we’re being honest, that might be a year-round-thing for a lot of us. 

Even so, almost everyone longs for the cold weather to dissipate and for warm weather to make it easier being outside. Sometimes, it is not as easy as warming up the weather to actually get us outside. People are creatures of habit, and the habit of staying inside is a tough one to break. How do we break this cycle in time for spring, much less summer, when we are stuck in our winter routine?  

Lucky for you we won’t make you guess. There are various ways to trick your body into an easier transition, and prep for sunnier days to come. Below are 5 tips that you might take up to make your seasonal transition a little bit more enjoyable.

1. Happy Lamp: this lamp is designed to help minimize the effects of seasonal depression by ensuring you receive a proper amount of light. Your body needs Vitamin D and certain rays of sunshine in order to keep producing your happy chemicals. This bright light, when set off in the distance (but still close by), mimics the similar benefits you get from the sun. When the clouds come out to stay, I recommend bringing this one out!

2. VitaminsWhen we stay inside more frequently, we are changing our exposure to natural occurring elements outside. This would be a good time to check in on the vitamins you’re getting daily and maybe add in a supplement for those you won’t be exposed to sunshine. 

3. Vision Boards:  Hear me out on this one. When was the last time you stopped and thought: “What do I want this year to look like?” or  “How would I like to spend my spring this go-round?” Oftentimes, we go through the motions and keep trucking along instead of taking the opportunity to sit down and think about what we really want. Getting back into the hustle and bustle of the upcoming summer can seem a lot less daunting if you project things that inspire you and that you see in your future. Vision board that perfect spring/summer and keep your goals in mind when conquering each day. 

4. Skincare routines: Let’s not forget the importance of a skincare routine! Winter routines are much different in order to account for dryer, colder weather. Updating your routine and getting rid of expired winter products is the perfect way to gear up for spring.

5. Wardrobe check: Spring cleaning is real, even if you hate it. I like to think of spring cleaning as the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe. Swap your easily accessible winter coat for a light and breezy jacket. You don’t necessarily need to donate all your clothes to Goodwill, but checking in with your clothes and rearranging them from winter to spring/summer clothes will make it easier for you to transition. Feeling cute and comfortable is the first step to getting outdoors! Dressing will be quicker and your clothes will seem much more inviting when you don’t have to dig through months of giant jackets and a mountain of scarfs for that cute spring dress.

However long it takes you to make this transition, you aren’t alone. If it takes you longer than others, that’s okay too. You’re the only one who is going to know what is best for you. Maybe you keep that happy lamp year round, because you know you’re a homebody regardless of the season. Maybe you jump straight into summer dresses and don’t look back. Your timeline is yours alone, I’m just here to help ease it if I can.

Written by: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Instagram: @emily_schwerdt

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