5 Types of Fatigue We Don't Talk About

5 Types of Fatigue We Don't Talk About

Who else is freaking exhausted right now? It's either daylight savings or the eclipse energy lingering. Whatever it is, I'm over it.

Did you know that there are different types of fatigue? Cause I didn't until I read a graphic by @drcarolineleaf 💜 


She lists 5 types of fatigue: Helper, depression, future, anxiety, and of course, compassion.

Of course there are others and different classifications, but this topic really interested me, especially as someone that struggles with 247 chronic pain.

So let's break it down:

1.  Helper Fatigue

Develops from putting all your energy into other people. This could also be classified as caregiver burnout. It's great to give, but if we empty our cup how are we meant to fill others'?

2.  Depression Fatigue

Fighting off depression and negative intrusive thoughts. This can be extremely exhausting for your system. Whether you're suffering from extreme sadness or chronic depression, your mind and body can feel drained and depleted. 

3.  Future Fatigue

This comes on from focusing so much on the future that we forget the present. Creating timelines for yourself, setting expectations, and focusing on controlling things that we simply cannot because they haven't happened yet. All of these anxious tendencies can create extreme anxiety and cause us to feel depleted.

4.  Anxiety Fatigue

Occurs from feeling constantly on edge and not feeling safe or being able to relax. This may be from work, school, or even a romantic entanglement where you don't feel settled. Whatever the situation is, anxiety can be debilitating and exhausting.

5.  Compassion Fatigue

This comes on by absorbing the emotions of the people around you. Similar to burnout, but burnouts stems from having too much work or too many responsibilities. This type of fatigue comes from helping people that you want to keep helping, but you're overwhelmed from being exposed to their trauma. It can become too much and your empathic powers can feel drained.

The Bottom Line: 

When you feel drained, exhausted, or burned out, it's because you are. Recognize when your mind and body need a break and honor that! You absolutely can't help others if you don't help yourself. So make self-care a priority! 


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