Things That Make Me Happy Cry


I love crying. And no, that doesn’t mean I love being sad. I’m obsessed with happy crying. It occurs when I see something that momentarily restores my faith in humanity, and my body cannot internalize this excess emotion. The tears plunge down my cheeks, my skin glows a bright red, and I laugh like a suffocating parrot (or so I’ve been told). Out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve decided to share a hand-selected list of things that make me happy cry. 

  1.  Squirrels will adopt orphaned baby squirrels and raise them as their own. Isn’t that just precious? Lil orphan squirrel. I cry every time. 

  2. Did you know sea otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift apart?! I wish someone would hold my hand while I sleep. Wait actually, I don’t. That would be kinda creepy. But it’s reallllyyy cute when otters do it. 

  3. Babies cry in their native accent, based on the voices they hear in the womb. Catch me speaking in a British accent for 9 months while I’m preggo. I want my baby to be fancy. 

  4. We are all actually made of stardust. Like, the same material as our sun.  Joni Mitchell was right!! This one makes me cry with joy for our common humanity. But I also cry with existential angst. I guess you can’t have one without the other. 

  5. People who have been blind since birth still smile. Isn’t that the sweetest thing EVER?! Now I’m smiling. Are you smiling? You should smile. Now we’re smiling together.

  6. A group of bunnies is called a fluffle. Now I want to raise a fluffle. Guess I’ll add carrots to the shopping list!

  7. An Australian man with rare plasma donated his blood and ended up saving 2.1 million childrens’ lives. That one always gets me cause it’s so many lives and so many moms and dads and I just can’t comprehend it and like and and I-

  8. Taking a breather. Need to stop happy crying.

  9. We’re back. Octopuses like gathering shiny objects. Can you imagine?! Deep in the blue ocean, a lil octopus and his secret stash of sparkly stuff. He probably hides it under some seaweed. Shows mom his gnarly collection. She glows with pride. Wraps her tentacles around him in a warm embrace.  Just Octopus things. 

  10. And finally, the actors who voice Disney’s Minnie and Mickey Mouse are MARRIED IN REAL LIFE!! True love does exist, people. If imaginary mice can find it, so can you.

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