My Top 10 Comfort Items for a Lazy Day

Girl drinking tea next to book while wearing fuzzy socks

From Self-Care Sundays, to Stay-Home-From-Work Wednesdays, we all need our cozy time. Check out my comprehensive list of cuddly items that you NEED to snag for your next lazy day! 

1. Sweat pants

I would argue the staple item of any comfy outfit. When you find the sweatpants that fit perfectly, they should be the first go-to item for your cozy needs.

2. A giant hoodie 

Because who doesn't like an oversized hoodie to drown in while you sit back on the couch and binge watch Netflix? The bigger the hoodie, the better. Trust me.

3. Plush blanket (preferably weighted)

Heavy blankets do it better. Soft blankets are great, but there's something comforting about a weighted blanket. It’s like a warm hug from a teddy bear. Anyone else?

4. The Just Project Self-Care Book 

Any book is fine, but this is my current recommendation. Sometimes you need some inspiration that speaks to you. This book is aesthetically pleasing, a great read, and looks extra cute on your shelf too!

5. Hot cup of tea/cider

Especially on a cold night. Picture your hot cup of apple cider, your plush blanket in a cozy chair while reading your favorite book. It literally cannot get better than that!

6. Fuzzy Socks/Slippers

Did you know that a good chunk of your body heat escapes from both your head and your feet? Warm up your little piggies in some fuzzy socks.

7. Candle

Okay it might be basic. But while some scoff, I find peace with my fresh lavender + laundry scented candle. There’s something about that ‘clean’ smell that engulfs the room and makes you feel extra cozy in your space.

8. Fur baby

I thought that cuddles with my one cat was great, until I adopted my second cat. She’s a tiny little thing, and loves to join the cuddle puddle. Whenever I desire cuddles, and my weighted blanket isn’t cutting it, they are always willing to snuggle! Cat, dog, bird or other, a pet never fails to make a house feel like home.

9. That perfect mug

We know we all secretly have that favorite mug hidden in the cupboard. Maybe it fits the right amount of coffee in it, or doesn’t get too hot or cold despite the contents temperature. Find your perfect mug to make your cozy days extra elite.  

10. Giant down comforter

Gather up all your comfy items and climb into a freshly made bed with a giant comforter. Like fresh sheets on a cold day, getting into a giant bed is the ultimate comfort. Now, we can’t always lounge around all day, but there are those mornings when our bed is simply too comfortable to leave. Is it the numerous pillows or the down comforter? Whatever it is, I will take it!

Written by: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Instagram: @emily_schwerdt

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