Just Girl of the Week: Dr. Sanaa Jaman (@ladydork)

Just Girl of the Week: Dr. Sanaa Jaman (@ladydork)

Dr. Sanaa Jaman was born and raised in Kuwait for 17 years. She is fluent in Arabic and English.  She moved to the US to pursue her bachelor’s in mathematics and later on earned her PhD in Environmental Engineering. During her studies, she discovered a love and passion for yoga. Inspired by the art, she started her practice at home.

A few months into her practice, she embraced both physical and emotional transformation. She started to feel more at ease with life’s challenges and obstacles. As a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, her practice helped her tremendously in her healing journey.

At the beginning of her practice and teachings, Dr. Jaman didn’t witness many people of color (POC) practicing yoga around her, or many events that were hosted by POC. As a woman of color in the engineering world, isolation is a familiar space for her. She decided it was time to change that. She wanted a space for POC to feel welcomed and safe. So instead of looking for that space in the yoga world, she created it. 

In summer 2015, she launched the #DorkTour. #DorkTour is a workshop series held in various cities across the nation that connects with POC around the topics of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Since inception, the #DorkTour has remained focused on connecting POC with their “deeper” selves. She uses physical practice as an invitation into a deeper exploration of self; to feel everything you encompass in order to access your greatest potential.

Today she considers herself a wellness practitioner, student, and teacher. She continues to lead nationwide workshop series, retreats around the world, released multiple E-books and online courses, and recently opened her first studio "Tru3 Yoga", in her hometown of Kuwait.

She hopes by sharing her journey and experience on and off the mat, she can help many overcome self-doubt, self-criticism, anxiety, depression, and trauma while also learning to be the best version of themselves.

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