How to be Different and Proud

How to be different and proud

Being different can be a curse: you feel like everyone is watching your every move because they expect you to deviate from the norm. In reality, people don’t often compare themselves to you in this way. The voice in your head saying that you are “lesser than” is simply not true. You may be on a different track than most people, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of success. 

So what does being “different” actually entail? Maybe you are a virgin while all your friends are hooking up or in relationships. Maybe you refuse alcohol because you grew up watching it destroy happy moments.  You march to the beat of your own drum, but that often leads you away from society’s standard path. I’d like to argue that by being different you can actually be your greatest self. 

Why do we always have to assimilate to the groups around us? We grow up with a socially-trained mindset; most of the time we don’t stop to wonder what everything means.  We grow up and contribute our bodies and souls to this cohesive collection.

Your uniqueness is what makes you more interesting, attractive, appealing; whichever word you want to use to describe your awesomeness. The different things you do (or don’t do) are what make you special.

I love to think about different people being lost souls; wandering around in this uncertain world, trying to find their place. So, if you’re anything like me (if you’re a swiftie, you know), you seek out your destiny, you deeply fear radical change, and want to make the right decisions for yourself. As you embark upon this tumultuous journey of self-discovery, remember that being different is the most incredible feature you will ever have. Recognize your power and your worth; you are truly one in a million!  

I recognize that “being yourself” is a lot easier said than done. However, here are some worthwhile tips to learn how to embrace your uniqueness and truly love yourself:

1. Tell yourself at least 3 things you love about you. Every day right before you leave your house, stand in front of the mirror and repeat what you love about yourself. It’ll cheer you up and will increase your self-steem. If you want, you can also repeat affirmations at night, and remind yourself why you are proud of yourself! 

2. Create a playlist of songs to elevate your mood. Starting off the day in a good mood can really improve the way you feel about yourself (It helps me tremendously!) Listen to the songs that amp you up, and inspire you to keep moving.

3. Disconnect for a while. Removing yourself from the social media universe will help you remember that everyone is special in a different way, and that you are NOT meant to follow the standards.

4. Surround yourself with positivity. You don’t need negative, toxic people or thoughts consuming your life.  You’re a force of nature that brightens up every room! You shouldn’t tolerate negativity or toxicity. 

5. Always be kind. No matter what, be kind (to yourself and others). Always try to give back as much as you can. It will fill you with genuine joy and happiness. However, it’s important not to give too much of yourself. Reserve some love for your own mind and body. 

6. Do what you love. Whether it is baking, dancing, singing, exercising, binge watching a show or something else:. If it truly makes you happy, you don’t have to seek validation for your enjoyment. This daily task is a MUST (and remember, you don’t need anyone else’s approval BUT your own).

7. Learn new things. Learn a new language, how to draw, how to do your makeup (God knows I need this one), how to ace your gram's famous recipe, etcetera. You will feel satisfied and accomplished after reaching your goal. 

8. Make yourself proud. There are two versions of you to make proud: your inner child and your current self.  Connect with who you truly are, your goals, and your ambitions; chart a path to success based on your personal goals. 

 At the end of the day, one person who will always be there for you is YOURSELF. Never stop learning, growing, and appreciating the wonderful person that you are. Your individuality is your greatest asset; never let the world define who you are. 




Written by: Lorena Segura

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