Buy Yourself The Flowers

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It is time to start buying your own flowers. Stop asking your partner for flowers and stop waiting for a bouquet to show up, especially if you have never received them from your significant other, or if you’re currently single. Buy yourself your own flowers.

I have spent so much time waiting for a guy to bring me flowers. A girl receiving flowers is the cliché moment in every romance movie. So many people want to be surprised with a pretty bouquet of flowers, but from personal experience, it rarely happens. Life isn’t exactly like the movies. Unless you are dating Romeo, you will probably only be receiving flowers on special occasions, or perhaps not. 

I probably sound cynical so far, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s time to stop relying on someone else for your happiness. Every week when I go to Trader Joe’s for my groceries, I head straight to the flower section to pick out a great bouquet to put in our home. I have actually become excited to do this every week. It has become a routine for me.

I have realized over time that flowers bring me happiness and joy. When I connect flowers to a romantic partner, I am ultimately putting my happiness into their hands. This is a disservice to myself. I am the only one who owns my happiness, so I started buying my own flowers, and brought myself joy without depending on anyone else. 

Taking care of plants makes me feel like I have purpose. Taking care of another living thing, that is not as permanent or serious as an animal or child, somehow has given me a sense of purpose. I also consider this an act of self-care. Not only is this flower a little gift to myself, but I am choosing to bring myself joy.

Your happiness does not need to depend on someone else’s actions. Sometimes, finding your own joy can actually make a relationship stronger, even if that relationship is with yourself. Sometimes people do not see the meaning or romance behind flowers and that’s okay. If you want to receive flowers, buy yourself the damn flowers. You will not regret it.

By:  Sydney Karlos

Instagram: @sydkarloss



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  • Joyce Lynn

    Great comment. I have always enjoyed fresh flowers in my home and office. If there is something blooming in the yard, some of it comes into the house. If there is not, I will find a bouquet or houseplant (within my budget) that makes me happy. During the first months of the COVID lock down. I would take photos of things blooming in the yard, then forward them to my friends and clients with a note of cheer. We all needed it! Yes, greens and color will bring you joy! You deserve it! So cute, but there was a ladybug climbing up my computer screen just now to confirm our conclusions. LOL

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