7 Podcasts Episodes to Get You Through the Week

7 Podcasts Episodes to Get You Through the Week

Over the last few years, podcasts have slowly been making their way back into mainstream media, and it’s no surprise that they’re now here in full force. Podcasts are easily accessible, and there’s something for nearly every person, no matter the mood. Podcasts are also a great way to stay up to date on your favorite topics, or to learn something new! Below, I’ve listed 7 podcast episodes to help you get through the week, no matter your mood.
1. Monday
To kick off your week, try listening to “A Pep Talk For Not Caring About What Other People Think” from the podcast Kalyn’s Coffee Talk. In this episode, host Kalyn gives her listeners a pep talk filled with tips and tricks on being the most confident version of yourself, and encouragement to step outside your comfort zone.
2. Tuesday
If the first day of your week was a lot to handle, and you need some positive vibes, click play on “Why I’m so Happy + Positive All The Time” from the podcast Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty. This episode breaks down tips and tricks to stay optimistic, and how to find the silver lining. This podcast episode truly encompasses the phrase “good vibes.”
3. Wednesday
The middle of the week can sometimes feel like the hardest, so if you find yourself in need of some mid-week motivation, play “How to turn your life around + get out of a slump (for real)” from the gals on the Go (GoTG) podcast. In this episode, Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan, the hosts of GoTG, share how they overcame their personal slumps, and how you can do it too. They also provide advice on removing negative energy from your life, and making positive changes.
4. Thursday
If it’s near the end of your week, and you find yourself itching to learn something new, try “How Did You Get Such Amazing Taste” from Jonathan Van Ness’ show Getting Curious. On this episode, Van Ness discusses cooking basics, and ancient recipes with expert Sohla El-Waylly. Van Ness is fast paced, engaging, and brings the perfect amount of playfulness and humor to his podcast.
5. Friday
You’ve finally finished your week! Whether it was a good week, or it felt like nothing went your way, you deserve to treat yourself with a little pep-talk, cue “Routines, Habits & How To Become Who You Want To Be.” This episode can be found on Kenzie Elizabeth’s podcast I Love You So Much (ILYSM). Kenzie Elizabeth is kind and uplifting, but unapologetically candid, and a great way to end your week.
6. Saturday
Saturdays are the perfect time to spend the morning curled up on the couch with a good cup of coffee and a podcast episode. The perfect episode for this is “Our Brains and Food, Anti-Diet Culture, and Cultivating Self-Love” from the podcast Too Smart For This. Alexis Barber is the host of this podcast and does an excellent job of making her podcast feel like a heart to heart with a friend.

7. Sunday
With another week about to start up again, it's good to take some time to prepare for what it may entail. “How to Argue Your Case” from the podcast Unladylike is the perfect way to do just this. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin are the cool moms you didn’t know you needed, and in this episode they talk about how to choose your battles and be taken seriously with special guest, Imani Gandy.
Written by: Alexa Rosenberger 

IG: @lex.gabrielle_

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