Your Guide to Living a Miley Stewart Summer

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The Miley Stewart Summer has recently taken the internet by storm, and people are loving it! If you aren’t familiar with the trending tag of a “Miley Stewart Summer,” let me give you a brief explanation. Recently on Tik Tok, the nostalgic character of Miley Stewart from the hit tv show and movie Hannah Montana has taken over as the 2022 Summer inspiration. Although the aesthetic seems to be based on countryside horseback riding and painting chicken coops, it goes beyond the surface level aesthetic. 

Tik Tok users such as @lavendercashewmilklatte, @magalinigellaneiteler, and @caffeinatedcowgorl have paved the way for how a Miley Stewart Summer could be celebrated, but people across the platform have their own personal takes. I reached out to one of the original creators of the trend, Magali Neiteler, and she describes her take on the movement as a type of mentality. Here’s what she had to say:

“The [Hannah Montana] movie is a lot about family, nature in general, going back to your old self and maybe even about healing your inner child which is something anyone could do, even if you don’t live by the countryside!”

Click here to check out Magali’s take on this trend! 

In the 2009 Disney movie, Miley Stewart was forced to briefly step away from the spotlight as a hit singer, and spend some time in her countryside hometown. As she leaves her fast-paced life for a significantly slower environment, Miley reconnects with her roots. She finds herself embracing the town and people she grew up with, as if she never left. As Magali stated, the Miley Stewart Summer comes from the idea of going back to your old self, and connecting with the things that truly matter in life, such as family, nature, and self healing. 

If you’re interested in following Miley’s footsteps, and reconnecting with a part of you that may have been lost over time, it’s time to live out your very own Miley Stewart Summer. Although living on a ranch with a couple tractors in your front yard may provide the perfect picture of country charm, it’s not necessary for this trend. All you need is an open mind. Try setting aside more time for family and loved ones, even if that means some long distance phone calls. Value the moments you spend with yourself and incorporate time with nature as a way to clear your thoughts. Overall, focus on getting back to your roots, and healing a part of you that needs some extra love. In a world where everything around us is running a million miles an hour, don’t lose sight of the beauty in slowing down.

Written by: Emma Cooke

Instagram: @emmakooke

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