The 3 Step Social Media Detox

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Social media plays a huge role in modern society. Whether you’re a part of it for enjoyment and entertainment purposes, or it’s a tool used for your job, it’s a known fact that the majority of the population actively engages in some form of social media. 

While there are so many positives that come from the internet, it can also be a place filled with just as many negatives. As we consume media, how do we find balance with the content we consume? How can we detoxify our relationship with social media? 

1. Purge Who & What You Follow

Over the past decade of having social media, I’ve found myself getting upset over the things that I saw on my feed. I would mindlessly scroll and come across posts that I either didn’t agree with, or influencers who made me feel bad about myself. If you are following people who are striking a nerve and consistently post certain things that don’t sit right with you, it’s okay to unfollow them. While some may claim unfollowing people who don’t have the same point of view or values as you can be childish, you have a right to peace of mind. You can control what content you’re seeing while also staying up to date with important issues.

2. Follow Accounts That Stimulate Your Mind

While triggering content need not be consumed, it is still important to be aware of what is going on in the world in healthy dosages. Follow accounts that shed light on the positives, but also keep you aware of what goes on around us. This can be done in ways that won’t drain you mentally each time you open your go-to social media outlet. 

3. Try to Avoid Social Media Before Going to Sleep

To be honest, I am probably the last person that should be giving this advice. I try my hardest to avoid scrolling before bed, but if I do, I focus on positive content. Listen to a podcast, watch a lighthearted YouTube video, watch some funny tik-toks - anything besides anxiety-inducing media. Insomnia tends to pay me a visit from time to time, and avoiding social media all together at night is sometimes impossible. Finding a healthy balance is key! 

We are so heavily consumed by the internet, it’s vital to find a manageable and healthy balance with it. I believe this can be achieved if you eliminate as much toxicity from it as possible. Stay informed and up to date with current events, but in a way that won’t damage your mental health. Ever since I've started “cleaning out” my different social media accounts, it has helped tremendously with my day to day functioning. 

Written by: Selena Leon

Instagram: @selenaleon_

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