Safety Tips For Your Summer Skin

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It’s officially summertime! That means more fun… and more sun. Protect your skin from UV rays and get a fresh glow following these safe skin tips.

  1. Use an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30+. Heavy sunscreens with oil clog your pores, and low SPF sunscreen doesn’t effectively protect your delicate skin! 
  2. Use aloe Vera after tanning to cool and heal your skin. Plus, it feels like absolute HEAVEN after a long day in the sun.
  3. Take breaks from tanning! After 30 minutes, give your body a chance to cool off. Remember you are a human. Not a cookie on a tray. 
  4. Drink LOTS of water. The summer heat quickly dehydrates your skin, leaving it dry and flaky. 
  5. Cool down your showers! Long, hot showers strip your skin of natural, nourishing oils. 
  6. Use moisturizer directly after showering to lock in that dewy moisture.
  7. Do NOT use tanning oil. Oil traps heat, and basically cooks your skin like a steak. A healthy tan appears over time, through short intervals in the sunlight. Stay patient, babe. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  8. Do NOT go to tanning beds. They are linked to accelerated aging and cancerous skin lesions. Health is wealth! 
  9. That walnut scrub? Trash. Do NOT exfoliate with harsh, textured soaps. While it may feel good, these treatments cause microtears in the skin. It’s a no from me!
  10. Use aluminum free deodorant! Yes, it takes your body a few weeks to adjust, but it eventually works. Antiperspirant deodorant -which contains aluminum- has been linked to breast cancer.

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