My Marvelous Mask & Me

pink silk masks

Do you ever roll out of bed, glance in the mirror, and shiver at the sight of gooey drool dripping down your chin? Or maybe you’ve had a long day, and lipstick is the last thing you want to worry about. Well, do I have the solution for you: A mask! They come in all colors and patterns, from cloth to medical grade. This easy, convenient fashion accessory adds a special flare to any outfit, while simultaneously hiding your face from the world! 

I personally love throwing on a pair of my shades with my mask, so I can avoid interactions in public. Save money on wrinkle cream; masks are the perfect cosmetic cop out!  Covertly crawl your way through markets and malls, escaping all detection.  

In all seriousness, please, I beg of you….wear a mask. This discussion isn’t about individual liberties. As Americans, and members of a global community, we need to focus on our collective prosperity. Wear a mask for the elderly. Wear it for your parents, for doctors and nurses, for the immunocompromised, and for yourself.

American society is deeply fractured, and as citizens, we have failed to recognize our position in the greater picture. No, it is not ideal to wear a mask over your mouth and nose, but in the long run, this simple act is saving lives. Ethical choices should not be a political issue. 

I believe Americans harness an incredible fortitude to overcome difficult obstacles. I’ve seen the power of our patriotic spirit produce immense prosperity. I ask each and every American to reflect on their contribution to collective health, to set aside personal preferences, and unite for a greater cause. As we settle down from our July 4th festivities, we should reevaluate the trajectory of independence, to create a united front amidst uncertain weather.  

(P.S. I heard there are some super cute masks at ,Thank me later!)

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