July Favorites!

July Favorites

This July, I've compiled a list of my favorite items in categories ranging from mindfulness to home decor! I recommend each and every one of these amazing products from personal experience. 

1. The 6-Minute Diary ($23)

With everything going on in the world and my personal life, staying at home has been incredibly difficult for my mental health. I love this journal because it has taught me to start and end my day with gratitude. Even on the worst days, I take the time to reflect and find the positives in my life. I am always left feeling more optimistic and grateful for all that I have - even when it feels like my life is falling apart. The diary also includes habit trackers and weekly check-ins to make sure your mind is healthy. I highly recommend this journal to anyone who is looking to improve their mindset.

(P.S. They also have a kids’ version!)


2. STMT DIY Personalized Jewelry Kit ($26)

I know this next product seems childish (I mean, it is in the kids section), but I’ve been having so much fun making jewelry with this kit. It’s a really great way to keep your mind busy when you’re bored in the house. Whether you’re making bracelets by yourself, with friends, or with your kids, I promise you’ll have a blast. Not gonna lie, I had to start one bracelet over about 30 times because the beads kept falling out, but as long as your coordination is better than mine, this could be a really relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Beauty & Skincare
3. Kosas Tinted Face Oil ($42)

This tinted face oil is perfect for a simple summer makeup look. It’s heavier than a tinted moisturizer, but lighter than a foundation. It covers just enough and won’t melt off in the summer heat. I personally love this product because I hate the way foundation looks on my skin, but I still want something to even out my skin tone. Plus, it doesn’t look greasy on my combination-oily skin. They only have 16 shades, but the good thing about this product is that it does not have to be a perfect match. Throughout the day, it perfectly blends into your own skin. I can’t get enough.


4. Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser ($36)

This cleanser is truly one of the best I’ve ever tried. As someone with extreme combination-oily skin, this is the only cleanser that has managed to control the oil in my t-zone while not drying out the other parts of my skin. I noticed a difference in my oil production in one night. This cleanser has kept my breakouts at bay and gets my skin feeling fresh before starting and ending my day. I also really appreciate the brand’s efforts to be environmentally friendly. The product comes in a glass jar which you can refill or use as cute decor. This is definitely a product on the pricier side, but it’s absolutely worth it.


5. Glass Photo Box with Gold Trim

When redecorating my bedroom, I had no idea what to use as decor for my empty bookshelf, and I had no place for the photos that were laying around the room. I found these boxes on amazon and instantly fell in love. This box is the perfect place to organize photos while also being a really pretty decorative piece for any room in the house. They have a variety of different styles and sizes that you can use for anything you want. I also bought a square box to put perfume samples in. They’re so delicate and aesthetic; I always get compliments on them.
Written By: Gaby Morovati

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