It's Okay To Be Single

It's okay to be single

The aesthetic couple has become the foundation of our digital universe, as children, teens, and adults aspire to replicate the picture of perfection. Couples are constantly dancing together on Tik Tok and posting cute pics on IG. Especially during this pandemic, a sense of loneliness permeates the air for those who don’t have a significant other. This insecurity is not rooted in reality; you are not any better or worse for having a partner. Being in love doesn’t increase your value in society, or make you worthy of recognition. You are enough on your own. 

Prior to starting a new relationship, it’s important to build a firm sense of independence. How can you know what you want in a partner, if you don’t know what you love about yourself? Learn to engage with your inner child, explore your creative potential, and of course, become financially independent. Trust me, you do NOT want to rely on your partner to pay your bills. This can result in extremely hostile, toxic, and abusive interactions. Therefore, construct your independence, both mentally, physically, and financially, before approaching a new relationship. Only after accepting your worth and validity as an individual, can you expand these horizons to accommodate a significant other. 

To be honest, being boo’d up isn’t smiles and rainbows all the time. It requires extensive compromise for your time, your space, and your energy. The world you inhabit suddenly shrinks, as a new person drains your mental and physical reserves. Now, I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom. Of course, there are some extreme upsides, including love, support, friendship, and affection. But these rosy moments are just the tip of the relationship iceberg. To achieve these bits of bliss, a relationship requires extensive communication and adjustment. 

If you don’t feel compelled to concede your personal time and space at the moment, there is nothing wrong with you. You are not defective or broken. You are simply human, engaged in a process of self-discovery and personal growth. There is no deadline for dating! Relish the freedom of independence; devour time without restrictions. You, alone, are quite capable of success. And maybe one day, someone will join along for the ride.



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