How to Enjoy Alone Time Without Feeling Lonely

Silhouette of a person sitting alone while watching a beach sunset

Spending time alone can be daunting, especially if you find yourself having a whole weekend with no plans. It’s important to know that this alone time does not have to be lonely. Making solo plans will allow you to start genuinely enjoying the time you have with yourself! Here are 5 things that you can do to make the most of your alone time:

1. Get ready for the day ahead

This is a really simple tip, but it truly makes all the difference. Taking the time to get dressed in day clothes, to do your skincare routine, or to fix your hair will significantly improve your mood. Making yourself presentable gives you the extra push to be productive and to tackle the day with a positive mindset. 

2. Go to the movies

Going to the movies by yourself does not have to be as sad as it sounds. In fact, it's not sad at all, and can be a really enjoyable experience! Personally, I love going to the movies by myself for an ICEE, snacks, and peaceful entertainment. Many people go to the theater by themselves, so it's nothing to feel weird about! In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people film Tik Toks of them going to the theater alone…so it's lowkey a trend now! Also, if you're new to having weekends by yourself, and you really need to get out of the house, the movies eat up a huge chunk of your day. 

3. Go to your local farmer's market

Taking a stroll around your local farmer’s market is a great way to start your day. This is also an activity that many people do alone, so there's no need to feel awkward about it. Grab a coffee, buy yourself some flowers, get yourself a yummy breakfast, take cute pictures…there are so many things you can do, and you don’t have to break the bank!

4. Go shopping

Personally, I prefer shopping alone than with other people! I can take as long as I want in one store without feeling the pressure to hurry up. Also, if you are feeling a bit down about your lack of plans, a little retail therapy always helps. 

5. Go for a hot girl walk

You should take a nice stroll while listening to chill music and absorbing the surrounding nature. Simply enjoying the outdoors easily calms your nerves and improves your mood for the day. It allows you time to be with yourself and your environment, which can definitely distract you from external stressors. 

As someone who has had quite a few weekends to themselves, I can say with 100% confidence that all 5 suggestions will improve your mood. Sometimes, when we feel sad and alone, it's easy to cave in to that feeling, and simply accept our misery. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and you can rely on your own ingenuity to lift you up. I hope these tips help you, and remember to be safe when partaking in all these activities!

Written by: Emily Mendieta

Instagram: @emilizmen

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