Friendship in Lockdown

friends eating French fries

Let’s face it, this pandemic is really hard on all relationships. We have to stay apart from friends and loved ones to keep them safe! But what do you do when your besties feel more and more distant, despite the virtual communication? 

If we’re not careful, it’s really easy to spiral into an isolated existence. It’s hard to remain energized and optimistic when you’re used to seeing friends every week over brunch! But the way I like to look at it, these difficult times allow us to get creative and find fun ways to keep connected! 

Here are a few things that have been really helpful for me and my friends:

  1. Plan a weekly Zoom conference with a group of your besties.  Schedule a specific day, and stick with it! Sometimes we like to plan themed calls, which gives us an excuse to dress up a bit and pick crazy backgrounds (and what a relief it is to get out of PJs!)

  2. Take advantage of Netflix Party and simul-streams! It might not be the same as going to the movies together, but it’s always fun kicking back in bed with some popcorn and virtually drooling over cheesy rom-coms.

  3. Switch up conversational styles -- even if you normally only call or Facetime friends with big news, plan time to just sit and chat! With a cup of coffee next to you, it provides a nice outlet to simply express yourself.

  4. Figure out an easy, DIY activity and host a group crafting session. My friends and I like to chat while we work on pastel drawings virtually! You get to have a creative outlet and seeing everyone’s work at the end of the call is always exciting.

Most importantly, just be sure to communicate and check in with friends. Everyone’s mental health has taken a bit of a toll, so take the chance to open up the dialogue and see if anyone-including yourself- needs some support. Relationships all require a little extra maintenance right now. One day soon, we’ll look back on these times and appreciate the friendships that survived and came out even stronger!  

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