Do I Meet the Beauty Standard?

Why don't I have any friends?

Have you ever looked at your reflection and hated the person staring back at you? Honestly speaking, I have done this before, and it destroys my self-esteem. I rip apart my face. My body. Everything. Society feeds on our insecurity, encouraging us to spend thousands on skincare, spa treatments, and make-ups to make sure that we look “beautiful” and “attractive”. While it is important to invest in self-love, it is also important to recognize how we measure our beauty standards. Are we investing in ourselves? Or merely trying to please society? Why do we have to mold ourselves to fit into society? What’s the harm in being yourself? 

In my opinion, the beauty standard is an unrealistic goal formed by people and the media. 

You have to wear make-up to look pretty like Emma Watson.

You should lose weight to get that hourglass body like Kylie Jenner.

You have to have a clear and bright skin if you want men to be attracted to you. 

When you are born, there are no perspectives or guidelines on how you can be attractive. You simply exist to live and be joyous! These ruthless standards are created to oppress women, convincing them that they have to be perfect in order to be seen, loved, and valued. This plague is extremely harmful towards everyone, especially women. You do not have to look like an Instagram model to be considered beautiful. Skinny body? Curves?  You don’t need to conform to anybody’s aesthetic ideals. 

I want all women to know that they express beauty in their own way, and that is what makes every individual so amazing and unique. Imagine if this world had one specific physical ideal that everyone followed! That would make our lives much duller. If we all looked the same, there would be no diversity.

That is why every person is crafted by their own beauty, in their own colors. You are the main character in your life! No one else. Why do you have to be like the others? If you want people to accept you, you must accept yourself first. If you want them to love you? Then, love yourself. 

I understand how difficult it is to embrace yourself and remain confident. But you have the strength within you! Let everyone know that you are beautiful and special because you are not like the others! Don’t let standardized bubbles prohibit your strength and your growth. As days go by, being confident will become easier and easier, until it is a natural part of your existence. People will notice your strength, and be inspired to follow suit. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy beauty products or treat yourself. Just remember the intention behind your actions. 

A genuine piece of advice: Never stop working on your self-love journey. Baby steps are okay! Remember, you are your own main character. Be yourself. Ignore unnecessary rules. Be confident!

Written by: Lyana Najib 



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  • Emelda

    Thanks for this. Just the motivation I needed 😊

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the encouragement I will try my best to be confident

  • inas

    princess🥺🥺 thank you for the encouraging words!! i love youu alsoo remember you are also pretty in your own way like i’d die to look like you haha jkjk i love myself too hehe :) keep on writing!!

  • Riley Terrano

    I feel as though I don’t fit in sometimes because of the way I look, I am not very popular and I am kind of hard to get along with because I’m either really clingy, or really mean and have attitude towards any little thing that bugs me. I compare myself to the girls o see in my school and how pretty or slim or popular they are and I have a hard time believing that I compare myself or think that I’m not enough.

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