5 Easy Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

5 Easy Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

We all have that one friend or acquaintance whose bedroom is ripped straight out of a travel magazine. One step inside, and you instantly feel at peace. Maybe it’s something about the way they’ve arranged their furniture, or the fabrics they chose? Perhaps, it’s something as simple as the candle they have burning on their night stand.

Let’s start off with the “why.” WHY is it important that, of all the rooms in your home/apartment, that your bedroom specifically feel like a sleep sanctuary? If you think about it, we spend 30-50% of our lives in bed. That means, of all the rooms in your place, the bedroom is the one you’ll spend the majority of your time in. It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s what we see when we wake up in the morning. Your surroundings can absolutely help you to wake up excited and energized instead of tired and groggy. You have to find the balance though, right? Because it’s not all about waking up hyped and ready to take on the day; it’s also about having a space you can unwind and relax as you wind down. 

I’ve put together 5 quick tips that can help you create the space of your dreams.

1. Declutter/Clean Up

Open your closet and put away all those clothes you’ve thrown on the floor or in a chair. Dust your nightstands and dresser. If you have a TV in your bedroom - dust that too. I always start with dusting first, and then you can sweep or vacuum. No point in doing it the other way around, otherwise you’ll just end up with a dirty floor again. Throw those dirty clothes in a hamper or throw them in the wash while you’re at it. No matter what, your space will instantly feel elevated with a proper cleaning.

2. Materials and Sheets

We’ve had this talk before about how choosing the right materials can make all the difference. It’s expensive to go out and buy a new bed or mattress. But you can find incredibly soft sheets that are actually reasonably priced! There is absolutely no better feeling than crawling into a bed with hotel-soft sheets! 

But it doesn’t just end there. Consider your comforter, whether it’s a light blanket, quilt, or a heavy down. Mix and match your sheets and your top layer. It doesn’t have to all be the same, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Don’t forget - you can also add in a chunky-knit throw for that extra cozy vibe. Or even a shag rug or one of those sheepskin furry rugs. You know the kind I’m referring to. The one you ALWAYS have to touch when you see it in the store. Oooooh - they’re so soft.

3. Scent

Scent is something that is so personal. You know what it's like to borrow your best friend's sweatshirt and you instantly smell them? Consider adopting a signature home scent. You already have those perfumes you wear depending on the season (and sometimes occasion), so why not give your bedroom one? 

I’m a sucker for super dim lighting, so I always reach for the candles. My favorites are Volcano Capri Blue and Voluspa. Not only do they smell INCREDIBLE, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous. Having a scent in your space can actually condition your brain to start relaxing and unwinding when you smell it. So the essential oil, candle, or room spray you’ve picked up is working overtime. Not only does it make your space smell awesome, but it also tells your brain it’s time to chill.

4. Lighting

Give me ALL the lamps. ALL THE LAMPS. Then give me those bluetooth lightbulbs that I can dim down with an app. You want this warm glow that creates a sense of cozy hibernation (also happens to be extremely flattering, ha!). I don’t think I’ve ever turned on the actual lights where I live because I have so many lamps in my space. Find a soft white, or dimmable light bulb that you can adjust. Believe it or not, this dim light allows your eyes to adjust and prepare for sleep!

5. Controversial on here: REMOVE ELECTRONICS

I hate writing this, because it’s so incredibly and increasingly rare to find a bedroom without a TV in it. I’m just putting this here to let you know that it interferes with your actual sleep. You already know the blue light from your phone messes with your circadian rhythm, which is why experts recommend putting it down an hour before bed. Your TV does the same thing. Your brain thinks blue light is daylight, so then it doesn’t offer the proper amount of melatonin your brain needs in order to get the message it’s time to go to sleep. Again - it’s frustrating cause we all do it. I’m just saying it’s definitely not recommended.

Alright, that was quick! You’ve got 5 tips on how to start creating your sanctuary. The awesome thing about these tips - they can all be done in one day. Without a trip to the hardware store to go buy blue or green paint! Good luck and happy designing!

Written by: Jacquelin Blegen



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