4 Steps for a Happy Girl Summer

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Everyday, we hear about all of the ways to have a “hot girl summer.” As amazing as that sounds, having a happy girl summer sounds even better. Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time, but it can also fill us with anxiety as our usual routine completely switches up. Below, I listed out a few steps to have a genuinely happy girl summer! 

1. Start a routine asap. 

Having a simple routine, such as a bedtime, morning walk, or simply making your bed, will help you stay balanced and feel productive! When school is out, it is hard to keep a steady routine without the pressure of studying and extracurriculars. During the summer, days can easily blend into weeks. Break that cycle by implementing healthy habits to lower your stress and stay happy.

2. Wear whatever the hell you want.

During the summer, the temperature can be excruciating. People - especially women - are often criticized for wearing revealing clothes in the heat…because I guess we want to be comfortable? This summer, wear whatever makes you feel your best. Bikinis, crop tops, short shorts, sweatpants, jumpers, and hoodies are ALL welcome! Remember: every body is a bikini body, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a bikini if it makes you uncomfortable! This is your life and you deserve to enjoy your summer.  

3. Fill your calendar with adventure and joy.

This summer, I encourage you to try new things and experiences! Take the mic at the karaoke bar even if you’re tone deaf; jump in the pool even if that fresh blowout gets wet. Say “yes” to new things and fill your schedule with exciting activities and authentic people. 

4. Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal can help you find mental clarity through self-reflection. It’s extremely therapeutic to release your stress and have an accurate record that you can refer back to. Not only that, but it is an amazing way to reflect on your summer and preserve all of the wonderful memories. If you often find yourself ranting on your notes app, you’ll absolutely LOVE Blue Fever’s judgment-free digital journaling community.

Summer is the perfect time to focus on yourself, and take space for the relaxation you deserve. Sending you so much love and light for your happy girl summer! 

Written by: April 

Instagram: @aprll


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