10 Common Dreams and What They Mean

10 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Your teeth fall out. You're naked in public. You're falling. You failed a test but you aren't in school? We’ve all had those dreams that've made us wake up in a frenzy. What do they mean? Are they based in fear, anxiety, reality... Am I psychic? 

We're pretty woo-woo here at Just Girl, so of course, DREAMS MATTER to us!

While you're off in Lalaland, your brain is dreaming *about 5 dreams a night actually!* You may not remember them, but your subconscious does - eek! Every dream is unique, but there are certain dreams that we all seem to have. 

So let's delve into the deeper meanings behind these common dreams:

1. Back in school, taking a test

This dream is surprisingly typically related to our jobs. School was the first job we ever had. It's edged in our subconscious as the moment we experienced projects and deadlines. Usually this dream pops up when a work challenge arises. This could be an upcoming review, promotion, or maybe you're working to get new business. Any situation where your career is testing you and you may be experiencing some  anxiety. Dream interpreters say it's important to reflect on how you feel from this dream because the situation can act as a mirror to your current situation. Fun.

2. Teeth falling out

There's SO much speculation and discussion around this dream, but generally it has to do with our power and confidence, particularly when it comes to our appearance. Basically something may have happened recently to hurt your confidence. Loose teeth can represent a broken relationship with someone else, or of course, ourselves. One thing is for certain--this dream is riddled with pent up anxiety. A challenge to your competence and abilities. This dream can also be a sign of change and transition in your life, so pay attention to it!

3. Falling

Are you feeling out of control or overwhelmed? This dream can be a red flag from your subconscious. If you're experiencing a big life change--problems with career, romantic relationships, or family. It's important to recognize how you feel when you're falling and where you're falling from. For example, cliffs and buildings are interpreted differently. Either way, you may be feeling alone, unsupported, or generally insecure about something. So be sure to write down the details--they may surprise you.

5. Naked in public

This dream can make you feel embarrassed or even shame. No, it's not that you're not beautiful in your birthday suit. This dream relates to vulnerability and of course, anxiety. If you're naked at work, take note to where you're at in your professional life--are you accepting a promotion, a new job, or starting your own business? And if you feel no shame at all, perhaps the interpretation is different. Maybe you want to be seen and admired! 

6. Flying

This dream is meant to encourage you to let go of anything that's holding you back. Allow life to fall into place, on its own. There may be an out of control situation in your life, that you need to release your grasp from. 

7. Running Late 

This dream can be a sign that you're overwhelmed or doing too much. It serves as a warning that you shouldn't make promises you can't keep. If you work in a profession that's filled with deadlines, this is also a sign of stress and anticipatory fear. Or maybe you've imposed a time-line on yourself and the clock is ticking. Either way, this dream gets our heart racing.

8. Lost your voice and can't speak *or scream*

This one can be super scary because it may not be a dream at all, but rather, a result of sleep paralysis. During REM sleep, the cycle in which we dream, our bodies experience REM atonia--a natural paralysis during the REM cycle. Basically we are psychologically paralyzed to prevent our bodies from moving while we dream. So if you have this dream, you may be experiencing a breach in this function, meaning you wake up before the REM cycle is complete. Whoops. The time between sleep and waking up can experienced in a conscious state, so you're unable to move, talk, or scream. No thank you.

9. Cheating on a Partner (or being cheated on)

No, this doesn't mean you or your partner are unfaithful. Cheating can mean either you or your partner aren't giving one another enough attention. It can signify a lack of trust in your relationship or commitment in general. Ultimately, look at what's going on in your life, is something taking up too much of your time and making you feel cheated out of the time you want to spend with your partner? 

10. Being chased

Ok but who is chasing you? If you're being chased by a monster, it could be a symbol of debt, addiction, or recklessness. If it's someone you know, this could be very different. Depending on who is chasing you, it could be a reflection of ourselves or hidden resentment we have yet to confront. You could see this as a positive because the dream is encouraging you to finally face a problem or fear that has been hanging over your head. Oh, and apparently, women experience it more than men.

The Bottom Line:

If you don't remember your dreams, try dream journaling. There's a healing power that sleep has. And your dreams are no different. They have the ability to heal your spirit. By writing them down, and reflecting, you can dive into some true self-awareness. These stories hidden deep in your subconscious can teach you lessons and help you face things you may never have considered. Know your dreams, honor them, and harness their power!

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