Your August Horoscope

Your August Horoscope

Aquarius: Despite the obstacles you face, you will always come out on top. Your tenacity and spirit will guide you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to be bold, and trust your instincts over everything. 

Pisces: This August is brewing with romance. I smell rose petals and perfume around the corner! Keep your eyes open for Mr./Mrs. Right, before they slip away.

Aries: New opportunities await you! Please remember that you are deserving of positivity and encouragement. You are a valued and essential part of the world.

Taurus: As Summer comes to a close, remember to ignore the haters, and march to the beat of your own drum! If you find yourself drawn to new styles and trends, lean into these interests. You are destined to discover new parts of yourself!

Gemini: While exploring novel creative territory, you may feel hesitant to evolve your personal style. Don’t root yourself in a former identity, permit yourself the opportunity for growth and exploration. A sea of untapped potential awaits. 

Cancer: As summer heat slowly fades, so does your passion. Remember that it is okay to lack inspiration, to ebb and flow with the times. Try immersing yourself in a new environment to gain perspective and motivation. 

Leo: This month, redirect your gracious spirit inward, and invest in self care. You spend so much time and energy elevating those around you, that you’ve neglected your personal wellness. Go for a spa day, take a bubble bath- anything to recharge those frazzled nerves. 

Virgo: Don’t let negative energy inhibit your ability to function and communicate in the real world. And remember, friends who bemoan your success aren’t real friends.

Libra: Just because you admire someone, does not mean they are flawless.  The veil of virtue rapidly dissolves when you get closer. Don't let this stop you from building intimate relationships!

Scorpio: Rumors, rumors are no fun! Especially when they are about you. Rise above the petty drama, and move in silence. I promise, you won’t regret staying calm, cool, and collected in the face of tomfoolery. 

Gemini: Hone your extra energy toward that passion project. A breakthrough is waiting around the corner; you are almost there!

Capricorn: Nobody can rain on your parade! Just because the world is basically falling apart, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to seek joy in every moment. Keep doing you, boo!

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