Why You Need to Start Culinary Therapy ASAP

hands baking recipe in large silver bowl

Culinary therapy, also known as cooking or kitchen therapy, is an extremely underrated form of self care. If you are a foodie at heart, this might be the perfect therapy for you. And even if you’re not, give it a try! You can always whip up a meal or some baked goods for family and friends. The act of cooking, and giving heartfelt, yummy gifts, will help heal you.  

According to Southern Living magazine, cooking and baking have been shown to be therapeutic because they fit into the behavioral activation therapy model. Cooking gives people a pleasant feeling about themselves since it allows them to nurture others. There is also a sense of quick fulfillment with most foods. We all know how a fresh baked cookie can light up your day! Cooking and baking are now being used as therapy methods by health-care facilities and counselors all over the world for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental-health issues. This sort of treatment is frequently used to teach people who are enduring a challenging moment in their lives. 

Even if you aren’t all about the baked goods, that doesn’t mean culinary therapy isn’t for you. Try making a nutritious dish for yourself to support your cognitive health. Studies have demonstrated that when individuals focus on eating balanced diets, including greens, nuts, seeds, and fish, they tend to experience increased well-being, both physical and mental. You might be more drawn towards grilling salmon or making overnight oats! The options are endless, and the culinary world is at your fingertips.  

In my personal experience, I have always been more interested in eating than cooking. However, as I grew up, I fell in love with baking (I have a chronic sweet tooth!), and I found it very relaxing. Making desserts always uplifts my mood. It requires your complete physical and mental attention in the process; this is a healthy way to take a break and escape your head for a moment. And once you have your dish done, you get to eat a delicious treat, and share your creation with loved ones! 

This is your official prescrption for culinary therapy ASAP. Look for a recipe, gather the ingredients, get cooking, and enjoy!  

Written by: Stefanny Leung Yu

Instagram: @stefflyp

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