The Hidden Perks of Honing Your Style

three mannequins with clothes

Through fashion, we can find a means of self-expression like no other. Whether you prefer informal (jeans, leggings, t-shirts), business casual (pantsuits, dresses), rock (leather, vests, tie dye), vintage (thrifted items), or even your own unique style (*insert your clothing items here*), fashion is the ideal way to capture your vibe and share it with the world. Your style plays an important role in enhancing your confidence. Looking our best almost always makes us feel our best. 

From top to bottom, every aspect of your outfit should be considered! Since I started dressing with intent, I've noticed that my ability to spot patterns and focus on details has improved. This ability has benefited my confidence in the workplace and at school, as I feel put-together, and like my style reflects who I truly am. Do you know that the way you dress is also a form of self-love? What you wear says a lot about your relationship with yourself. Clothes can capture, and elevate, your identity. For instance, what do you think when you see a woman in a formal black dress and high heels? I would say she looks confident, professional, authoritative, and powerful. And even if she may not always feel on top of the world, dressing the part surely elevates her confidence to the next level.  Fashion can help us regain a connection with our inner badass, our inner princess, or anywhere in between! 

Did you know that focusing on your fashion sense also sparks creativity? It's a genuine struggle to mix and match patterns in a way that looks both aesthetically intriguing and flattering! Don't be intimidated. As your sense of style develops, you'll be more confident in taking risks and coming up with fresh and new clothing combinations. 

A common concern among new members of the fashion scene is the high expense of clothing. I view this another piece in your personal puzzle, because you definitely don’t need to break the bank to look your best. In fact, a lot of thrifted clothing is way more stylish and unique than expensive stuff. You can always plan your thrifting excursions by finding inspiration online, and searching for pieces to match. Or you can freestyle it! Your choice! 

Despite what you may be wearing (or not wearing), confidence is key to looking your best. Dressing to your personal style on a regular basis helps you elevate your self-esteem, because you'll gain creative confidence in your expressive abilities. So many female role models have such individualized and authentic styles that help capture their inner light. The fact of the matter is that dressing well makes you look good and feel good. So give it a shot! You may just fall in love with fashion. 

Written by: Stefanny Leung Yu

Instagram: @stefflyp

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