Let's Decode Your Dreams

Let's decode your dreams

When we fall asleep, our brains are far from silent. While our physical bodies enter a comatose state, our mind surges with an abundance of activity, often revealing hidden, subconscious fears and aspirations. Although everyone has very distinct minds, people surprisingly share many dreams in common. Psychologists have examined similar dream patterns across thousands of subjects over hundreds of years, to extract secret meanings. Below, I’ve listed some established interpretations of many common dreams. While it may not exactly reflect your situation, these interpretations may provide helpful insight into your subconscious!


1. Falling

We’ve all had a dream where we tumble from a mountaintop, building, or airplane. The sensation of falling from great heights can be incredibly realistic, and startle your body awake mid-asleep! Psychologists have examined this phenomenon, and found that people enduring trouble in their personal or work life present with “falling” dreams. So if you’re currently encountering a period of change or strife, a “falling” dream may be in your future!

2. Teeth falling out

This dream can present in numerous forms! From teeth falling out of your head, to rotting gums, or sticky food, the inability to express oneself reflects a loss of confidence. The teeth are often depicted as a symbol of power and self-worth. Without them, we are unable to genuinely connect with the real world. If you are having trouble with your self-esteem at the moment, your subconscious may create these unpleasant dreams. Many psychologists, such as Freud, also contend that mouth dreams have sexual undertones. So if you have been feeling physically deprived, a teeth dream may represent these unmet desires. 

3. Being naked in public

It’s 8 a.m. The bell rings for the first period. You have your backpack on, but the texture feels strangely rough against your skin. Because you have no clothes on. The laughter, the shame, the desperate run for cover. This scenario is truly what nightmares are made of. Experts agree that the “naked in public” dream reveals an underlying anxiety. This sense of vulnerability and fear can stem from uncertainty, as you are ascending a position in the public view. For instance, if you accepted a promotion at a new job, and are unsure of how you will adapt to the new situation, you may encounter some nude dreams!

4. Test-taking

Calling all perfectionists! If you are a straight-A, straight edge type of gal, you’ve likely encountered a test-taking dream, or two. Your subconscious is actively preparing you to encounter a stress-filled scenario. Even in adults, test taking dreams reoccur in relation to work and life stress. You thought you’d be free after school was over, huh? Tests really scar you for life!

5. Dying

Interestingly enough, the typical “dying” dream isn’t as bleak as you would have guessed. It often reveals a wish to start fresh, to reinvent yourself, or depart from something in your life. Are you sick of your job? Do you want out of a toxic relationship? A dying dream unveils your subconscious desire to be set free, and embark upon a new life journey!

6. Meeting a Celebrity

You’re sitting in the front row at a Taylor Swift concert. The spotlight bouncing on her blonde curls and guitar. When suddenly, your eyes meet. She pulls you on stage. And you gallop off together on a white horse into the sunset. While the interpretation for this dream may appear quite obvious (who wouldn’t want to meet their fav celeb!?), it’s actually a bit deeper than expected. Celebrities represent certain values and talents that you hold dear to your heart. A celebrity dream may reflect your desire to personally embody these qualities. Another interpretation points toward a personal need for recognition. If you feel ignored or undervalued by your boss, friends, or loved ones, you may start having celebrity dreams!

At the end of the day, you know your heart and mind better than any ancient psychologist. If you feel your subconscious is trying to speak to you at night, try using a dream journal! First thing in the morning, when sleep is still fresh in your eyes, jot down what you remember from the night before. Over time, you will begin to track patterns, and slowly untangle the web of dreamy stories. Listen to your instincts, tune in to your mind, and don’t neglect the hidden messages from your heart.


Written by: Brianna Rauchman



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