I posted on social media. Now what?


We’ve seen it all. The inspiring artwork, moving speeches by Black activists; we’ve shared videos of injustice to raise awareness for a systemic issue, embedded deep within our nation’s history. But how do we move beyond raising awareness? How can we mobilize this collective consciousness to achieve something greater? If you’ve ever felt disheartened by the limited influence of social media, you are not alone. Luckily, there are so many ways you can reach beyond the internet to make a real impact in the world. 

1)Call family & friends!

One of the easiest ways to move beyond social media is conversing with those in your inner circle. People are more likely to be receptive of new ideas through a positive, informative conversation with someone they trust. Make sure your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, best friend, and coworker are aware of current national issues. Awareness is the key to creating change. 

2) Sign a Petition

Petitions help raise awareness and call upon officials to address a community's needs. There are numerous petitions circulating the internet, and you can add your name to as many as you like!

3) Call & email local government officials

Let your local representative know what kind of change you want to see created in your community. Your voice, along with the voices of other concerned community members, can propel reform from the bottom up.  Local officials need YOUR support to get re-elected! Use your citizen power!

4)Donate to local Black-owned businesses and non-profits

Help out your local Black community by investing in Black businesses and non-profits. These donations can assist the Black community in numerous ways. You can donate to bail funds, feeding organizations, housing projects, and more. If you are not in the position to be donating at the moment, your time is a valuable resource. For instance, you can help serve meals to children in Black communities, who are disproportionately affected by loss of meals during school closures. 

5) VOTE!

Most importantly, get out and VOTE! This doesn’t just mean for president. Vote for local officials, state representatives, and beyond. Do research to make sure you are electing people who align with your values and beliefs. Change starts with your awareness and action. So yes, while that post on social media is inspiring and informative, make sure to get up, get active, because you can help heal the world!

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