How you Cope with Breakups Based on your Zodiac Sign

How you cope with breakups based on your zodiac sign

Aquarius: What breakup? Did y’all hear something? By day two, the amazing Aquarius has entirely MOVED on. She’s glowing and thriving, and left the trash in the past. We ALL wish we could be as powerful and independent as a dear Aquarius. 

Pisces: A Pisces SPRINTS into a rebound relationship, and projects an imaginary idea of their new partner’s persona. However, in coming weeks, that mirage will slowly fade, as you realize you truly miss your ex. Our advice: take time to heal before jumping into a new relationship. 

Aries: Aries fruitlessly attempt to rebuild the broken pieces of their relationship. They tirelessly call, text, and facetime their ex, trying to understand what went wrong, and how it can be fixed. Aries, if someone doesn’t want to be with you, don’t take it personally. You just weren’t the right match! Someone will come along who makes you feel loved and whole. 

Taurus: A Taurus views a breakup as a chance to grow, learn, and reflect. You feel blessed to have experienced such meaningful relationships, and are truly gracious for your ex-partner. Moving forward, you assess what insight you gained about yourself, your personal needs, and hopes for a future relationship! We love to see the maturity.

Gemini: Staying busy is the KEY to avoiding your sad thoughts! After a breakup, Geminis stack their schedule to avoid dwelling on the memories. While this can be helpful in the short-term, it’s also important to digest your emotions, and be honest with yourself! It’s okay to feel feelings. It’s okay to not be okay! 

Cancer: Put your phone down, Cancer. Do NOT text them. Do not call. Cancers have to fight every instinct to reach out to their ex. They stay up ALL night wondering “what if”. It’s important to let the past remain in the past. You broke up for a reason. Rekindling the conversation will only cause more pain and heartache. 

Leo: Are you really a Leo if you don’t dance in the drama? After a breakup, Leos will post on their finsta, film hysterical snap stories, and publicize their horrific breakup. Suddenly, this private moment transforms into a movie for all your friends, family, and coworkers! We recommend taking a breather and processing your emotions internally before voicing it to the world. You’ll regret having those snotty tears all over Tik Tok!

Virgo: As a Virgo, you simply REFUSE to accept that this important person has vanished from your life. You’ll immediately reenter the dating game, and search for qualities of your ex-partner in every person you meet. A little advice, dear Virgo: try healing from your relationship before embarking upon a new one. It will be healthy for you and your future partner. 

Libra: A Libra won’t acknowledge the breakup until about 2 months later. Then, all hell breaks loose when you realize what you lost. Instead of immediately reaching out to your ex-partner, begin processing your breakup. What were the causes? Could you have done anything differently? Do you still want that person in your life? Reach a calm, rational, collected state of mind before taking any action. 

Scorpio: When you break up with a Scorpio, the answer is simply “no”. A Scorpio will hold on to a broken relationship for safety and comfort, completely disregarding the pain and hurt. You pretend that everything is okay. Scorpio, we know you are passionate and loyal, but it’s okay to let go. Some things aren’t meant to last forever. 

Sagittarius: After a breakup, a Sagittarius will redirect their free energy toward a new hobby! We love to see you invest in yourself, and practice healthy coping mechanisms. As you learn that new skill, remember that it’s okay to still feel sad and process your feelings. 

Capricorn: A Capricorn will aim their grieving energy toward work, in a self-punitive manner. Whether it’s exercise, school, or their job, Capricorns obsessively invest in exhausting labor, to prevent the possibility of sadness. Dearest Capricorn, it’s okay to let your mind wander, and feel your feelings. You’ll never heal from your relationship if you’re constantly running from your wounds. 

Written by: Brianna Rauchman



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