How To Feel More Comfortable In A Swimsuit

How To Feel More Comfortable In A Swimsuit

From Tik Tok to Instagram, we are constantly inundated with images of girls confidently  wearing bathing suits. This can create a false perception that most women feel at ease in a bikini. From my personal experience, bathing suits are simply not the ideal outfit, taut with woeful wedgies and nip slips. Nevermind these unfortunate malfunctions, bikinis make you feel quite vulnerable; your normally clothed body is exposed to the ridicule and speculation of others. Not every girl feels comfortable displaying so much skin. It’s natural to compare yourself with an idealized, internet image. Influencers don’t represent the reality of the human body (hairs, rolls, and stretch marks in all their untouched glory). These “perfect imperfections”, as Ed Sheeran so eloquently remarks, compose the raw, unfiltered, wondrous truth that is a woman’s body. If you want to flaunt your stunning stuff, and elevate your swimsuit self esteem, I recommend following these 4 pro-tips!


1. Realize that people around you are not judging your body as much as you think they are. Self consciousness arises from a fear that other people are honing in on your flaws. To be blatantly honest, most people couldn’t give a sh*t if you have a roll, bump, or blotch. They probably have some too! Just think: when you go swimming with your friends, do you find yourself constantly focused on their image? Everyone is too distracted with personal insecurities to be noticing yours. 


2. Try different styles and choose the ones you are most comfortable in. Influencers often advertise those itty bitty bikinis, which simply do not accommodate a wide range of body types. Moreover, those tiny bathing suits may increase your discomfort due to wedgies and imminent wardrobe malfunctions. Don’t feel compelled to blend with the trends by dawning a microscopic suit. While there is  nothing wrong with riding the fashion fads,  real life doesn’t mirror an IG aesthetic. There are so many cute bathing suits that provide both coverage and comfort. Honestly, that 1950’s high-waisted two piece is such a vibe. Don’t be ashamed of being a little modest; it doesn’t mean you are insecure, you just have different boundaries with your body, and that is completely normal! 


3. Remember that every body is unique and try not to compare yourself to others! The typical bikini bod on social media reflects a minuscule percentage of the population. Yes, these girls are beautiful, but so are all the other stunning figures that grace our planet! I mean, have you seen women?! They are the epitome of elegance, in every shape, size, and color. Another girl’s beauty does not invalidate your own. This world is quite large enough to nurture billions of gorgeous bodies. 


4. Bring a cute cover up and accessories! A fashion forward bikini fit transforms your self esteem! Suddenly, your thoughts aren’t drowning in insecurities, but flourishing in a newfound confidence. A few flashy accessories can elevate your look to the next level, while a cover up prevents feelings of vulnerability. Despite what pop culture may preach, it is okay to prefer covering up. This isn’t something you have to overcome or battle; some people feel more inclined toward modest fashion, while others don’t. Both of these options are valid, and do not reflect levels of insecurity.  

Bikini or no bikini, remember to treat your body with compassion, respect your personal boundaries, and remember that your choice of swimwear does not indicate your worth. Every woman is traveling an individual journey of self acceptance, even the glorified influencers. You don’t have to abide by popular trends to be confident and beautiful. I’d like to challenge the narrative that “every body is a bikini body”. Rather, “every body can be a bikini body”. It is your choice what you wear. And you’ll look magnificent no matter the material.

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