How to be (genuinely) fulfilled while single

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As the holiday season approaches, people often desire companionship, as merry couples jingle their bells across every social media platform. However, whether you are in a relationship, or super single, it's important to learn the art of independent self-fulfillment. Despite what every Hallmark movie may preach, you do NOT need a partner to be content, complete, and genuinely happy. If you're struggling with loneliness this season, I recommend following these 7 pro-tips, to rediscover the inherent beauty in being YOU. 
1. Learn how to do the things you love, alone

Just because you don’t have a partner by your side, doesn’t mean you should hide yourself from the world. You like painting? Go buy an easel. Food? Table for one, please! Nobody is judging you for being alone. In fact, they probably wish they had your confidence

2. Don’t be cynical or scornful

Did that IG couple post another profession of unconditional love? Are you beginning to resent your boo’d up friends this cuffing season? Take a breather, step back from the whirlwind of lovey-dovey madness. And remember that external presentations do not reflect what truly is happening in a relationship.

3. Engage in self-aware behavior

You have your entire life to focus on building a relationship. When single, you are only obligated to the maintenance of self. Those bad habits? Anxious thoughts? Long-term goals? Setbacks? As a single person, you have the time and energy to develop acute self awareness, and focus on the perpetual improvement of YOU.

4. Grow other relationships

TBH, partners will march in and out of your life, faster than the wind blows. The “man of your dreams” may suddenly transform into the “monster of your nightmares”. It is important to nurture other friendships and relationships in your life, to forge life-long bonds of trust, support, and love.

5. Meet new people without any caveats

So often, people enter the dating scene with rigid guidelines for potential partners, thus preventing authentic interactions with a diverse range of people. By genuinely conversing with new platonic friends and romantic interests, we can develop a deeper sense of our goals and priorities. 

6. Make your personal space a sanctuary

You deserve to wake up every morning in a space that inspires creativity, love, happiness, and light in your life! Don’t hold back. Hang those aesthetic twinkle lights; buy those succulents. Whatever design evokes positivity and joy is the one for you. 

7. Fall in love with yourself, first!

It’s much easier to love someone else, if we first learn to redirect that love inward. Cultivate your self-compassion, nourish yourself with healing foods, and recite those affirmations. Seek out healing and inner peace before extending your reserve of love to a potential partner

Written By: Brianna Rauchman

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