Did You Know There Are 3 Different Types Of Each Zodiac Sign?

Did You Know There Are 3 Different Types Of Each Zodiac Sign?

As our Just Girl crew knows, we love learning new things about astrology that shock and awe us. And well, we’ve found our newest obsession...

Yes, your sun sign is obviously a key indicator of who you are. It represents your ego, your truest self. Then, we have the moon, rising, Mars, Venus…there’s a lot of stuff to review, of course. But if you really wanna go deeper, you might want to dive into Decans -- a more “advanced” approach to exploring your zodiac sign. 
Sooooo if you’ve ever wondered why people born with the same sign seem different, (aside from alllll the other parts of your chart, of course), Decans can help answer a lot!

What are Decans?

To understand Decans, you must first understand that each zodiac sign occupies 30 degrees of the Zodiac, totaling 360 degrees. Decans are created by dividing those 30 degrees in each sign into 10-degree increments, meaning each sign has 3 Decans.

Your Decan depends on where your birthday falls within that 30-degree spread. The first ten days of your sign are the first Decan, the second ten days of your sign is the second Decan, and the third ten days is the third Decan. 
Each Decan has a unique flavor, so to speak. Within each, we assign planetary sub-rulers to the sign, and those planets give us even more symbolic info to apply to your birth chart within your sign. 

And *fun fact* if you’re born within the first Decan of a sign, you're known to embody your sign to the fullest because your planetary sub-ruler is going to be your sign’s ruler. 

If you’re a second or third Decan, your planetary sub-ruler gets a little more tricky. You’d need to look at the triplicity of your sign—whether it's an air, water, fire, or earth sign—in order to figure it out. So the second Decan is assigned the secondary ruler of the next sign within that same element, and the third Decan is assigned the secondary ruler of the next sign after that (within the same element).

But omg that’s a lot of work, so we’re just gonna break it down for you! It’s time to discover which Decan you belong to and how it shapes your personality.


Aries is ruled by Mars—the planet of action, energy, passion, aggression, and sexy time, so it supercharges Aries who is already super fiery in nature. The ultimate fire sign. Aries are confident, ambitious, competitive, independent, and classically hot-headed.

Mar 21-Mar 30: Decan 1, ruled by Mars

If you’re born on these days, you possess classic Aries traits. You're Impulsive in nature because you've got a lot of Mars energy and you can be quite argumentative. The best thing you can do for yourself is learn to control your words and manage your temper. Think breath work, meditation, all the good stuff.

You’re the most assertive Aries, a little arrogant, egocentric, dominant, and you’ve got insane self-confidence. You’re great in social situations, and if you use your energy wisely you’ll have so much success with networking, work, and pretty much everything.

You’re intimate in nature, super funny, and you build strong, long-lasting relationships. But of course you always need freedom to express yourself.

But of course, nobody can control you. You DO NOT like being controlled. And you’re unpredictable, so your moods change often. You’re BOLD and a pioneer when it comes to your dreams and career. You have so much initiative. A freaking winner, honestly. No one is gonna stand in your way or change your mind once you make your mind up. You’re so freaking proactive!

Mar 30-Apr 9: Decan 2, ruled by the Sun

If you’re born on these days, you take on characteristics typical of someone sun-ruled aka Leo in addition to your primary Mars traits. So just like Leo, you probably love being the center of attention. You also tend to be more creative than other Aries. The sun fuels your passion and creativity, empowering you with constructive and creative abilities. You’re ambitious, kind-hearted, and of course, a born leader. You have so much potential because you’re bold, optimistic, and just super cool. But here’s the thing... you’re idealistic, very idealistic, so everything needs to be up to your standards.

You work hard but are prone to overworking, and this is a big problem for not only your physical health but of course, your emotional health.

You’re funny but also a bit of an attention seeker--you wanna be center stage. However. you want and need your life to be balanced so you can have fun and not sacrifice yourself so much.

You’re imaginative, charismatic, loyal. You’ll be fine relationship wise but you need to make it a priority and not let your ego get in the way. And yes we get it, you want a loyal partner who will throw themselves on a sword for you, but lower your expectations just a smidge, k?

Apr 10-Apr 19: Decan 3, ruled by Jupiter

If you’re born in this Decan you’re probably more adventurous, philosophical, optimistic, and open than other Aries. You’re intuitive, generous, creative, and flexible,  so you’re a bit more imaginative than the other Aries.

You like to enjoy life but you’re determined and super focused, so you’re going to achieve your goals.

You like being around people you admire, asking questions to gather knowledge. You love to explore and yet, you’re very dependable when people you love need you. But you can be super overprotective. If people mess with the people you love, you go off. 

You’re trustworthy and responsible, enthusiastic, energetic, vivacious, and you love creative work. Basically, you’re in control of your destiny.

You have this strong sense of right and wrong and want everyone to know it -- even if they don’t wanna hear it. And yes, you’re generous and positive but you have these unrealistic expectations and live in a dream world because you expect everyone to be on “your level”. Work on that.


Taus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sensual pleasures, and decadence. With interests in aesthetics and things that engaged their senses, and a mild obsession with life’s luxuries

Apr 20-Apr 29: Decan 1, ruled by Venus

People born in this Decan will therefore present as a classic Taurus. You’re usually someone who is described as a “pleasure-seeker” and have crazy discipline and will-power. You also tend to seek stability in all aspects of your life and are faithful partners. You’re intensely loyal, but also expect the exact same in return.

Determined to get what you want - and usually your focus is on material wealth & money. You are thoughtful about future prospects and opportunities and are determined to get everything you desire. Sometimes you get so focused on your goals, that you miss out on the simple, beautiful things in life. You have high artistic power and little confidence in taking social decisions. This shyness really holds you back from achieving your fullest potential.

You’re not exactly known for your sensitivity. Others might describe you as being “blunt” or “brash” when approaching sensitive issues.

When it comes to projects - it takes a bit to get the momentum going, but once you’re on a roll, you’re hard to stop. No matter what obstacle is presented to you, you find a way to persevere → because you avoid taking risks (aka: get rich quick schemes), your goals might take you a little longer than others to reach.

Apr 30-May 10: Decan 2, ruled by Mercury 

You’re more likely to be ambitions & really determined to reach your success goals. People envy how talented you are. Almost everything you touch turns to goals. Want to be an artist? You’ve got it. Want to be a chemical engineer? You can do that too.

You’re slightly controlling, known as the “chaperone,” versus the “supervisor.” But this tight rein on things is really because you know this is the only way you’ll get what you need in this life.

People would describe the way you think as wild, uninhibited, and it’s beautiful. You’re wildly intelligent, but because you have this weird internal duality, it can put a damper on problem solving when you have to go back and forth over all the details and possible solutions.

With that rock solid personality and placing importance on self-respect you’re likely to find yourself with a partner who mimics what you value. Someone who is honest, straight forward, super romantic and extremely loyal.

Your personality can confuse people sometimes because on one hand you seem like an observer and socially aware… on the outside. But in the real world, you’re sitting there deeply analyzing and tearing the world we know it apart with your mind.

May 11-May 20: Decan 3, ruled by Saturn
Saturn makes you inherently rigid and inflexible. You literally are that person who is going to follow your own path regardless of what others say or think, because you’re absolutely NOT the type to be open to new ideas.

You are strong-willed and face all the obstacles coming in the path of success. This quality not only helps you to be on top, but also to sustain that position. You encounter many combative circumstances that polish your skills and accomplish goals with perfection. You won’t resign the project, job or task until it is completed efficiently.

You are loyal, disciplined and patient. You aim to achieve higher goals that give you professional success, glory, and social prestige.

You are independent, straight-forward and simply hate interference in your work. At the same time, you are an attention seeker. Naturalistic, forefront and charming.

You have an inclination towards constant innovation and have self-control in unwanted situations. You are an extraordinary mixture of strong conviction, carefree and unrestrained attitude.

You work hard to any extent for providing financial security and fulfilling the wishes of your closed ones. Most of the time you tend to be serious but also have a humorous and sensual side, with superb taste and appreciation of the aesthetic. You will manage to dress and present yourself as a lord even if you can’t afford it.

Highly creative, you get things on a tiny budget. Your creation gets restricted due to obstacles and hardship but you enjoy facing challenges.



Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. These social butterflies are super curious and inquisitive, very quick-witted and super super smart. 

May 21-May 30: Decan 1, ruled by Mercury

You’re a classic Gemini. You have a distinctive intellectual aptitude. A great conversationalist who always knows what to say. You talk a lot, maybe too much to be honest. Sometimes you need to let other people speak. But you’re super charismatic about what you’re talking about so people listen, sometimes to the extreme. You’re very joyful, running at the speed of light, very alert, a good observer, and very curious.

You’re a talented person, very smart, versatile, creative, and you want to try EVERYTHING. Of All the Gemini, you possess the most dual personality, so you’re a great impersonator.

You spread yourself WAY too thin because you do so many things at once. And we know you are capable of doing it all, but being a perpetual juggler is exhausting and unhealthy. Focus on less for once. If you do this you’ll be an innovative, accomplished Gemini.

May 31-Jun 9: Decan 2, ruled by Venus

You’re more  sensual and physical than other Gemini. 

You’re a more “me too” versus “I am” kind of a person. Your social life is super important to you and you will work on it for a long time. These relationships quite literally make or break your life. But you always want to meet new people, like ALL the time.

You’re definitely someone that gets what you want because you’re charming and have a charismatic way about you. Also you’re super creative, smart, focused, and astute.

You constantly crave change and variety so you can be impatient and don’t like doing things over and over again. This means personal relationships can feel boring quickly, so you constantly need excitement or stimulation.

Loved reading this: “You carry half form fanatical views and superficial knowledge as you have a tendency to get bored easily. The influence of Venus will not let you take things seriously or enter anything in-depth.”

You can be fickle in general particularly with dating so you may just end up getting married later in life--no big deal. Just work on that emotional consistency, k?

You are a twin personality: one is emotionally involved and the other. not so much  and doesn’t care for romance. More disconnected, basically, than other Gemini

Jun 10-Jun 20: Decan 3, ruled by Uranus

You're more independent, rebellious, and innovative than other Geminis. You’re great with abstract ideas. Just like Aqua, you’re super optimistic and consider each new day as an exciting day and full of adventure. You’re a free spirit who loves adventure and exploration. Just super unconventional and brilliant.

You’re very flexible in your thoughts and always welcome new ideas and interests. Your mind is the most active of all the Decans, always looking for new ways to perform things totally different from others. But you have too many interests and do way too much just like your fellow Gemini, so you get so distracted. It’s why people call you flaky or aloof. You just can’t deal when you have so much going on that needs your attention.

Unlike other Gemini, your circle of friends is smaller because you only trust and respect a select few. Also you can’t stand or get along with people who repeat the same thing again and again. You hate the people who backstab with a strong desire to steal your glory. You won’t hesitate to kick these people out from your circle and never keep in contact with them. It’s very hard for you to give a second chance to anyone.

People are attracted to your charm and charismatic personality. You’re powerful and fierce and have this humanitarian essence, very fearless. But hey, being honest is great, just try not to create more problems for yourself. Not everyone needs to hear what you think 24/7 nor agree with you. 



Cancer is ruled by the moon, the entity that conrols human emotion + emotional comfort. Cancer re usually sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, deep & sometimes unpredictable.

Jun 21-Jul 1: Decan 1, ruled by the Moon

Typical Cancers: gentle, sensitive, passive, sympathetic. You're extremely moody, intuitive, but always see what’s behind closed doors.

Your desire is for security & stability in relationships, but sadly, you can be quite avoidant and not express yourself when it comes to conflict or your deepest needs.

You’re almost known as a “superhero” to your friends because you're always there for them, with great follow-through. You're also very kind, generous, and compassionate. And not the type to make excuses.

All all the Cancer Decans, you hold the most emotional intelligence, as your empathetic, and sensitive to other people. You're gentle, sensitive, and selfless in nature. 

But of course, as with the moon, your mood changes frequently, running through extreme ups and downs. Therefore, it's important for you to establish trust with others, over longer periods of time, so you feel less anxious. You want harmony in your relationships and greatly value them, so patience will be a virtue here.

They say you're like a human lie detector, always sensing when people are dishonest, or when something is just not right. Remember, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to because your intuition is so strong. And you're super creative!

Jul 2-Jul 12: Decan 2, ruled by Pluto

These Cancers are emotional, sentimental, and possessive. And they say No one gets you like you do.

Friends might say you’re sensitive, thoughtful, and caring. In fact, almost everyone would agree that they feel a certain way around you that enables them to put their guard down. So if you wonder why everyone overshares their emotions, feelings & secrets with you. Because people can absolutely trust you. Your relationships are perhaps the most important thing in your life. Your'e loyal and always there to show people support.

You're a natural planner, disciplined, and overly secretive, much like Scorpio, also ruled by Pluto. You hold your cards very close to your chest.

You like the strange and unusual, unseen and mysterious. You're reclusive and overly emotional with failure. Something you absolutely need to work on accepting.

Yes. you're very private but you're also internally motivated, which can be such a beautiful thing because it means you're capable of anything you put your mind to. Because your survival instincts are unmatched. Meaning you're resilient and tough through all situations.You are strong and wise enough to give yourself daily pep-talks, motivate yourself, and move forward without abandon. Channel that and you'll be very successful.

Jul 13 -Jul 22: Decan 3, ruled by Neptune

You're impressionable, romantic, and oh-so creative. Honest and transparent, you quickly mold to your surroundings like a chameleon.

You are super creative and imaginative, so any position in the arts will be a great fit for you. You've got good taste, and selective capability. But you change your style and personalities quite frequently, since you're so adaptable. 

You're a team-player, because you're so patient, solid, practical, and emotionally stable. Not generally a Cancer trait, might we add. Endearing, and sure to stand out among the rest, despite wanting to be behind the scenes.

You're actually known as the entertainer because you are so charming, wise, with a unique sense of humor and wit.You're compassionate and will go the extra mile for those you love, sharing from your heart and not expecting anything in return.

But you don't like to travel too far from home because, you're a homebody, maybe even a little introverted at heart. You just don't want to cope with anything too uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you listen to others' problems with ease and grace.

You express and share from your heart and love watching people feel moved by your generosity. These small acts of kindness will bring you a lot of purpose and will help you heal yourself and others.



Leo is ruled by the Sun, the biggest entity in our solar system, so they are warm, radiant, and of course, attention-seeking. Leo lighten up every room and tend to be super popular and confident. They also tend to be very energetic and people around them thrive off that.

Jul 23-Aug 1: Decan 1, ruled by the Sun

You’re a typical Leo. A glorious, majestic creative, a real charmer with a powerful passion and determination that beams off you like a super hero. Yes, you’re a super hero. But don’t get ahead of yourself, all heroes have fatal flaws.

You are prone to being successful because of your determination. You’re also super creative and ruthless. Never give up, never surrender. But you can also be such a workaholic because you have perfectionist tendencies. You won’t give up and that can be exhausting to not only yourself, but those around you. Pace yourself and don’t neglect progress.

You love being around people but my lord do you tend to dominate conversations. So people can see you as narcissistic. Luckily, you have a ton of staying power and you’re patient.

You’re caring, loyal, and protect those you love and respect. So naturally, you love to spend money on not only pampering yourself, but everyone around you. Case in point, your bank account may need some rehabilitation.

Overall, you’re a joyful, fun person. Just work on listening and find some balance with everything you do!

Aug 2-Aug 11: Decan 2, ruled by Jupiter

You are even brighter than typical Leos and you love to party and adventure. You’re one charming little kitty cat. Plus, you’re fun-loving and free-spirited. Basically, you're a boujee hippie.

You’re ambitious and a lifelong learner. Just so curious and interested in everything life has to offer that can help you broaden your horizons and all that BS.

You’re tough and DO NOT back down from challenges. In fact you thrive in them.

Also, your'e super creative. You would do great in an artsy career or something that intrigues that side of yourself.

You're very loyal to those you love. You see yourself as a champion of the downtrodden and protector of the weak. You’re also quite the entertainer with a great sense of humor, always able to brighten people’s days.

But have you ever heard of toxic positivity? You need to work on that. Not everything is great all the time, sometimes you have to be upset and let yourself decompress. Yes, you’re courageous and adventurous, but take a break sometimes. You’re kind of exhausting to be around sometimes because you have constant FOMO and that can be draining for a lot of people to experience.

Aug 12-Aug 22: Decan 3, ruled by Mars

You're more explosive and aggressive than a typical Leo. Your sun can light up in flames very quickly. You’re daring, driven, and almost diabolical when it comes to achieving your goals.

You get super bored and repetitive, slow tasks. Slow crosswalk walkers beware! You always want change and to move forward, trying new things with urgency. Good news is you are not the type to sit around and do nothing. Very ambitious.

Unfortunately, you can be quite dependent on other people to do things for you and make decisions--please don’t let that affect your self-worth. You have the strength and courage but your patience is not permanent. So chances are you may jump in quickly. Luckily you have so much strength and courage, you’ll be great. Just work on your impulsive tendencies, k?

You have big dreams and aspirations in life. If you focus on them you’ll do BIG things and accomplish so much. Just work on being a little less stubborn and listen to advice from those who love you. Also work on your spending habits.

Such an honest, truthful person. Just deliver your criticism with grace and try not to erupt because ugh, you could be so amazing if you put your mind to it. Don’t let anyone get in your way, please.



Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication & intellect. So they're deep thinkers and analyzers. Organized, detail oriented, and of course, very very punctual and obsessed with perfection.

Aug 23-Sep 2: Decan 1, ruled by Mercury

You're versatile, inventive, and malleable. Analytical minded, methodical trustworthy & generous.

Unfortunately things get messy in specific areas of your life. So you work best in careers that require dedication, attention to detail and practicality. 

However, you are very disciplined, with a logical mind. You work best in careers that require an attention to detail, fierce dedication, and consistency. Your'e super honest and trustworthy at work. Remember a job is a job. You can care about it as much as you'd like, but nothing will ever be perfect. Believe it or not, perfection doesn't exist!!

 Also, you are fluent in talking with sarcasm. You have a hunger for knowledge and always eager to learn more. However, you experiment with new things and expand your horizons.

Loyal, dependable, you're a faithful partner. You're generous, extremely caring, and considerate of those you love. Because you're naturally creative, you are a great communicator and can talk your way out of most difficult situations. And you have a way with words, so you don't offend anyone and respect everyone. 

You love learning! And you have a hunger to explore new things. So try to experiment and get out of your comfort zone once in awhile.

Sep 3-Sep12: Decan 2, ruled by Saturn

You're sensitive, sympathetic & caring.

A strong organizer, you're strong-willed, tactful, practical and disciplined. And yes, quite the perfectionist. You have excellent organizational & leadership skills, able to direct and guid others with motivation, delegation & assertiveness.

You don’t accept anything less than perfect and people let you down often because they’re not perfect. You're dedicated to commitments & responsibilities - mental endurance to push through discomfort. And you're willing to put in a lot more than jut hard work for material wealth & professional successes.

You're a natural analyzer and creative problem solver. An attention grabber who's easy to talk to because you speak with confidence. And you're highly skilled in persuasion, just like Decan 1.

You have an unhealthy obsession with neatness, order & cleanliness. Something to be mindful of and work on. Also, you're a highly cautious person who is suspicious of anything unknown or unfamiliar. Would do you well to get out of your comfort zone, with Decan 1 perhaps.

Sep 13- Sep 22: Decan 3, ruled by Venus

You're warmhearted, generous, loving, shy and timid. You have a reserved nature, yet have so much persistance.

You're reserved, artistic and sensitive, stable, solid and jovial: the epitome of optimistic thinking. Your creativity contributes to your career and helps you in your relationships. 

You're determined and persistent. Nothing is too hard or complicated. You have this beautiful can do attitude that so many people aspire to have and understand. With enigmatic energy that's pretty addictive.

You don't like being the center of attention and prefer to operate in the background. You're faithful, so you hate lying and liars, people who exaggerate, and those who spread gossip and rumors. You want peace and harmony in your relationships and you demand absolute loyalty. Honesty, truthfulness, and all that jazz are so important to you.

Much like your ruler Venus, you like the nice and finer things life has to offer, and find yourself unhappy if you have to live with restrictions.

You're reluctant to share your deepest feelings because you don't want to burden others or perhaps you just don't feel relaxed enough.



Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality. Libra is obviously super romantic and they have this refined, almost obsessive interest in aesthetics and luxury.

Sep 23-Oct 2: Decan 1, ruled by Venus

You’re a typical Libra. Clever, imaginative, and romantic, capable of accomplishing many great things. You are super balanced and have this great concept of professional versus personal life--like, you get boundaries more than the other Libra.

When it comes to problems, you have this careful, prudent approach. You don’t like to lose your cool unless you have to so don’t be afraid to express yourself, or hide what you actually think or allow others to talk you out of it.

Because you’re influenced so much by Venus, romance and play are a big focus in your life so you like money. You're very social and you love to make friends and prefer to be around being then be alone. Something you need to work on!

Everyone feels comfortable around you and people aren’t afraid to speak their minds. You’re a sympathetic being and try not to kick people when they’re down.

You can be quite naive and gullible, especially when people, sugar coat things. Just be aware of that. Harmony is great, but not at the expense of your self worth.

Oct 3-Oct 12: Decan 1, ruled by Uranus

You may be more into expanding your consciousness—through things like astrology, more so than other Libras. You’re more inventive. 

You’re a creature of contrast. Great at trusting others, very social, good in business, and always optimistic about the future.

You can be very philosophical, wanting to better understand humankind. But this also means you can get easily frustrated with things. kind. At the same time, they can get easily frustrated with things.

You are always motivated to try and be creative and innovative. But you're way more down to earth than your fellow Libra. And such a partier, honestly.

So yes, you’re more of a free-spirit than other Libra Decans but you are alway. You’re not afraid to show vulnerability when the time requires it. And you're very genuine. You’re social, but an introvert at heart, so just listen to that part of you that needs space to decompress and reflect.

But those walls of yours need to come down sometimes! Yes, once they are down people are in fore life, but the walls you put up can just be very off putting to those around you who want to get to know you. 

Oct 13- Oct 22: Decan 3, ruled by Mercury

You’re very active and a great communicator. A naturally gifted speaker who is very diplomatic and pretty bold with your opinions, more so than other Libra.

But let’s be clear, you say everything in an ultra polite manner. Cause you’re so good with words and have this amazing gift to get things done in a way you would want. You are an observant and possess a powerful intuition. Thus, you can easily know whether someone is fidgeting or feeling nervous.

You don’t understand emotions very well but know how to read people. You analyze people from a logical perspective. You are a social butterfly and outgoing personality who loves to interact with others.

Very suave and funny, you possess an acute, active and analytical mind. A rare breed who is a combination of logical and intuitive thinking. You make decisions after combining both what your head and heart tell you.

You feel irritated sometimes, like a lot with mandatory tasks, so work on that. Cause you usually fall for the one who can ease out the pressure on your shoulders. Once you find such a partner, you are extremely loyal and devoted to them but expect the same in return. And of course, that’s not always possible.



Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of darkness and mystery. Scorpio are Intense, enigmatic, calculating, passional and seductive AF.

Oct 23-Nov 1: Decan 1, ruled by Pluto

You're incredibly driven, with a high-libido, obsessive, and full of strong desires, courageous and tenacious. 

You're prone to: sorry, loss, grief, and suffering. And of course, obsessive behaviors and intense desires. But you have a remarkable ability to rebound from failure. You're emotionally resilient, a creator of opportunities for growth during challenges or stressful situations.

You are super secretive about your personal life and open with only a small select group. Others may see you as stiff, intimidating, cold, unapproachable, nasty or cruel. So you take time in trusting others but once it is built, you absolutely cannot tolerate betrayals, lies, and deceit. And you find it hard to forgive and forget if someone has done you wrong, or is disloyal to you and stabs you in the back.


You're not a social butterfly, because people can see you as intimidating and unapproachable. You're don't share yourself or your feelings with just anyone. You have to build trust. And you find it hard to forgive and forget when someone has wronged you. You never forget.

You set goals and finish your projects. You are driven and can accomplish most things. Just remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.

Nov 2-Nov 11: Decan 2, ruled by Neptune

You're creative and highly intelligent. You never run out of ideas and want to make something of yourself.

Highly analytical and reasonable you never force your opinion or ideology on others. But you do tend to daydream and live in an imaginary world. 

If you were a game it would be chess because you're very strategic and plan your moves with great forethought.

Scare tactics don’t work on you and you don't use them on others either. You're open to compromise and can adjust with changing circumstances. You want there to be harmony and want things to be fair.

Deep down, you're very very emotional and intense, a storm brewing. But on the outside, you appear calm, cool, and collected. People would do justice to stare into your eyes to know what you're really thinking. You crave that eye contact to establish trusting, deep relationships.

You're drawn to the arts and think and feel that your life has a greater purpose. You're constantly evolving and searching for truth and purpose. Super into books, fantasy stories, music, poetry, ballet, yoga, dancing, swimming. If it was up to you, you’d spend the entire day in your head, an illusionary world of your own creation. 

Nov 12-Nov 21: Decan 3, ruled by the Moon

You're protective of your family and friends, so you have zero tolerance for those who talk sh*t about them. You're not afraid to fight or take someone down in the name of someone you love! And yu're the cheerleader for your loved ones successes.

You nurture and care for those you love, and those who appear weak and helpless. Because you're sensitive, easily hurt, self-sacrificing, highly observant, and  intuitive. So you're quick to comfort and encourage those around you, especially those you care for more.

You're highly observant, with a strong intuition, easily able to empathize and understand people's deepest desires. Because of this, you keep of allllllll of the secrets. And you never forget. Betrayal, lies, and deceit are out of the question and something you take very seriously. 


Because you're so charming and charismatic, you are do well working in groups and for causes you believe in. You take such pride in your work and want to be successful, with a career that you care about. Basically, you'll never be a 9-5, paper-pusher. Just not your thing.

Work on your trust. Not everyone is out to get you. And remember to take care of your emotional health. Give yourself some R&R.


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune and adventure. Sags are optimistic, free-spirited, and always up for new experiences.

Nov 22-Dec 1: Decan 1, ruled by Jupiter. 

You’re a typical Sag. The mutable (versatile) nature of Sagittarius gives all with this influence a wonderful level of adaptability which enables you to "fit square pegs into round holes" when necessary.

Seldom do you encounter anything or anybody you can’t cope with if it’s important to you. With Jupiter as ruler of your everyday self, you may have more than your fair share of what others regard as sheer good luck.

You’re the enthusiasts of the world, high-spirited, spontaneous, flashy, flamboyant, and just plain fun. The “Cheerleaders of the Zodiac.” Highly competitive, you DON’T like to lose, the first to march over to an opponent who has won, fair and square, to shake his or her hand.

With double Jupiter, you’re so philosophically hungry that you won’t miss a chance to experience everything and everyone that they can. You strive to surround yourself with harmonious relationships. You have only one or two people whether friend, mate, co-worker or family member with whom they feel close enough to share their innermost thoughts.

You’re the enthusiasts of the world, high-spirited, spontaneous, flashy, flamboyant, and just plain fun.

Travel is your middle name; you’ll go anywhere and anyhow, the more exotic and far-out the destination, the better. 

Dec 2- Dec 11: Decan 2, ruled by Mars

You're more fiery and confident than others of your sign. Aries tends to add much directness and forcefulness to the manner in which you go about the everyday matters of your life. You respond well to a challenge but must exercise care that you don’t go off on tangents solely for the purpose of proving you have the "guts" to do so. There should be a sensible purpose or you shouldn’t accept the "dare".

You have a courageous and generous nature. You embody the very best attributes of the philosopher, the “Wise Warrior” of the zodiac, ultimately bound for a noble title.

The secret of why things usually work out for you lies within those fabulous instincts of yours. You have extraordinary instincts that zero in on other people that most are blind to.

In love you can be detached but you’re loyal and devoted. At first you are scared and want to push people away because you give yourself fully to the experience, so you can be a heartbreaker.

Very clever, good with your hands, a quick thinker, you have a rare gift of being able to inspire others. Often the kindnesses you show can have a much greater impact than they know. You're dependable, efficient and thorough in their personal life and career. At times you may be discouraged, but you’re always fun loving and strong. 

Dec 12-Dec 21: Decan 3, ruled by the Sun

You're more energetic, charismatic, and self-involved than other Sags. You have “bright” , exciting, and interesting characteristics. Pleasure seeking and chance-taking.

Normally, you’ll always look more youthful than your actual age could indicate. Creativity is inherent in your basic nature, and you need to seek some means to express it to others.

You have a charming talent for making people laugh. An explorer, wanderer, and adventurer. Leo shadings have instilled within them a love for noble pursuits. Their JupiterIAN love of trying new experiences combined with that Sunny/Leo knack gives them a distinctive touch in whatever they chose to do.

You're passionate and impulsive in love and want to be enchanted. You're big hearted, extremely thoughtful and quite giving, drawn to magical and ecstatic experiences, not only in their personal lives but also in their careers.

What basically you, after all, is the impossible challenge and you love to pull off miracles. You're gifted with intuition and insight, they have a deep meaning. You enjoy traveling and meeting new people, for you want to widen you experiences. And you have a refined and elegant nature that responds to art and beauty.



Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, hard work & ambition. Caps live to crush the most challenging goals, and are driven, loyal, stable, and stubborn.

Dec 22-Dec 31: Decan 1, ruled by Saturn

You're a presenting Capricorn, so you're philosophical, unaffected by pain or pleasure.

You're idealistic and faithful. So you would be a great contractor, engineer, or politician. Because you're known for being intelligent, a strong leaders, and a great communicator, you will be successful in whatever career you decide to pursue.

You're pretty energetic, enthusiastic and determined to see projects through. It actually becomes the center of your universe. This can be unhealthy. Something you need to work on is therefore balance.

You're faithful and only show affection to people you truly care for. And you'll work hard to provide loved ones with all the comforts of life, stability, and security that they desire.

Unfortunately, you're also quite temperamental, depressive, and honestly, you just want and need someone to love you. But of course the only way you can achieve this is by putting yourself out there and opening yourself up. And that requires risk, and a chance to get hurt. Sometimes you need to gamble, and it's okay if you win or lose. It's just life and it's going to be ok!

Jan 1-Jan 10: Decan 2, ruled by Venus

You're sensual and romantic, with a tendency to indulge in fantasy. You favor decadence wherever you can find it. You enjoy pleasure and profit and are known for being “the most fun” of all the Decans because you're pretty skilled at balancing work with life.

You're extremely talented and have a luck and charm in most everything you set your mind to. But you can be slightly bias, selfish and moody, so self-awareness will go far in stabilizing you and bringing you harmony.

You can be a little too preoccupied with yourself, which could lead to some emotional problems, up to but not exclusive of partnerships, relationships, and marriage. Plus. you're quite uncommunicative about your feelings. Love is a deep emotion and you don’t like to talk about it.

With work, you're reliable, communicative, and excellent when placed in management roles. You've got a stable head on your shoulders, and you're so charming, imaginative & flexible.

You're social, soft, and affectionate toward loved ones. Just work on leaning towards pessimism, as it can lead you to being temperamental.

Jan 11-Jan 20: Decan 3, ruled by Mercury

You're known as the “All-Seeing Eye” and “The silent rebel”. 

And Influential human and a brilliant story teller. You're intrigued by technology and advancement. Highly intelligent, creative, ambitious, and enthusiastic, you will succeed in careers that utilize your tenacity, discipline, and anything that radiates down to earth energy.

Unfortunately, you are known for being prone to lying, secrecy, impatience, revenge and of course, stubbornness. And because of your dedicated nature, this can turn diabolical. Something to notice and work on controlling within yourself.

You are known as the most expression of all Capricorn, and also the one who who has the strongest sense of justice, right and wrong, and principles for the greater good.

But you have a tendency to spend too much time living in the past and holding grudges. This will not help you move forward and progress. Perfectionist tendencies can also affect you, make you lose your cool when things don’t go your way or don’t map out as planned.

You're sensitive and temperamental, so you should probably be left alone when you’re not feeling your best, since you’re known for your emotional eruptions.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of individuality and radicalism. Those born to this sign to tend to be ahead of their time, extremely innovative, and a bit eccentric.

Jan 20-Jan 29: Decan 1, ruled by Uranus. 

You’re a typical Aqua. Uranus imparts imagination and creativity which makes you truly unique. A formidable combination.

You would do well in the competitive world, as you possess multiple talents, are adaptable and creative. You’re an intellectual, always brimming with new ideas. And you're unconventional and attractive.

You tend to be happy by yourself and can sometimes become introverted. You can also be unpredictable and eccentric too so that can inspire people or people can find you quite alienating. Depends on the day I guess.

Affectionate and kind-hearted, but lovers may proclaim you’re detached. You need your space and freedom. You can’t be tied down with fixed routines and schedules..

You’re generous to the needy, considerate of the unfortunate, friendly, and wonderfully pleasant. You restrict yourself to a select circle of close friends and concentrate on those who have a stabilizing effect on you psychologically and are

You need to surround yourself with self-sufficient people. This will contribute greatly to your happiness. You are selective and won’t put up with it.

Jan 30-Feb 8: Decan 2, ruled by Mercury

You tend to be more intellectual (and chatty!) then the other Aquas. You’re logical, witty, and have the ability to connect with people intellectually. You're very unpredictable and derive great joy from constantly changing circumstances.

You’re honest, truthful and creative. Good at analyzing situations and taking decisions intellectually, and will not let emotions interfere in the process. You excel in academic fields but you also have an incredibly powerful imagination.

You live life at a hectic pace and want quick results in whatever they do. You're often attracted to the very opposite kind of personality from what they think they want. You need someone who wants to keep things  light because you need distance to guarantee your own autonomy.

Youthfulness of all kinds (physical, mental, and emotional) appeal to you. You often hope to keep the natural qualities of the child alive in themselves to the end, including the spontaneity, impulse, intuition and openness that most children have.

You have that spontaneity and genuine warmth that draws others to them. One of their most outstanding traits is their honesty and frankness in speech.

Feb 8-Feb 18: Decan 3, ruled by Venus 

You may be more interested in life’s pleasures, including love, more so than other Aquas. You tend to be more of a romantic disposition and appear very attractive to members of the opposite sex.

You live life in the fast lane, and therefore hardly find time for rest and recreation. They take a broad view of life, which marks them apart from the rest of the people in their circle.

You have romantic tendencies that can cause very challenging misunderstandings. You tend to act on instinct, which you fully trust, and are graceful. You crave for constant change and variety. Others may be confused by their unpredictable attitude. Because you are impulsive, you are prone to acting too soon, and thinking of the consequences later.

You are compassionate and large-hearted. In love, you are romantic and affectionate and you tend to have a flirtatious eye.

You're not easily satisfied and often bored. Liveliness is an extremely positive trait and something you’re also attracted to.

You like people who do what you say who show up on time. This is absolutely a marriage Decan. You need love and companionship. And you're astrologically groomed for seeing only the best in others.

Travel and new adventure always excites you. You're a forward-looking person who's very optimistic, and able to overcome so much.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and spirituality. Pisces are creative, intuitive, emotionally intense, and find meaning in seeking a spiritual path

Feb19 to Feb 28: Decan 1, ruled by Neptune

You're sensitive, optimistic, and spiritual. which can sometimes lead you to be a bit of a wallflower. You're kind, generous, trustworthy, and of course, imaginative, but you have some trouble with internal motivation and drive.

Your'e not necessarily affluent, but you do enjoy nice things and of course, you're a creature of comfort. Intuitive and empathetic, you're able to sense the “beat” of life.

Showing compassion and courtesy will get you what you want a need. You do not respond well to those who are mean or rude.

You're known as being youthful, almost childish. It's important to lead a healthy life that increases the quality of your existence.

In love, you're loyal and devoted in love because you're so service-oriented, often giving up your own wants and needs for the pleasure and benefit of those you're devoted to. Don't forget to give yourself some love and take some time to decompress once in awhile. To be honest, you probably need it more than you might think!

Mar 1-Mar 10: Decan 2, ruled by the Moon

You're highly sensitive, and extremely close to your family and dear friends. You place a lot of importance on parenting your own children, building your own family, and providing for those you love and those who are important in your life.

You're emotionally the most well-balanced of all the Pisces, with a tendency to also have best sense of humor. Best described as being the silliest, and the spaciest, going to the darkest zones of the galaxy.

Love is a transformative experience. You admire people, but want to find someone who appreciates simple pleasures and who does not take life for granted.

You know the difference between being lonely (which you rarely are) and being alone (which you are often). You're a great observer, always gathering information. You enjoy socializing, charming those around you with your wit and stories.

Destiny has a way of finding you, and when it does, it happens really fast. Seek to channel your intuition. You so often ignore it, but it knows a thing or two about life that you can learn from.

Mar 11-Mar 20: Decan 2, ruled by Pluto

You're secretive, mysterious, calculating, mystical, experimental, and very strong. The strongest of all the pisces. You're less sensitive but still romantic and very spiritual

Ethical and moral, you have a tendency with envy and unethical addiction. Something to work on and pay attention to.

You're into soul-searching experiences and discovering the real meaning of happiness. Love motivates you and you’re highly attuned with the wants and needs of others because you're so empathic, and a great listener, with questions aplenty.

You're the ultimate Pisces visionary with an intensely practical side, who loves to help others and contribute to a greater good. Apparently, between the ages of 28-42, a call will come in the form of a great challenge that you must face. it will bring you an obstacle, but also, so much clarity!

This is the most devious, paranoid, and hardest to know of all the Pisces. They take time to develop relationships and trust, but they must also learn to trust in themselves and their intuition if they want to live a truly meaningful and honest life.

Author: The Vicious Virgos

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