Broke Girl Hacks for Summer 2022

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Listen up ladies, summertime has officially arrived, and I’m here to make sure you get the absolute most out of it! For the past two years, we’ve restricted our hot girl summers due to the global pandemic. With the world reopening, we are free to live it up once again. 

Now, what else could stop us from having the best summer ever? Oh right, a little thing called expenses. If you’re like me, a broke college girl who’s struggling to make rent, you probably aren’t going to spend the summer strolling through wine vineyards or getting day drunk on mimosas. Although you might think money is the key to an exciting summer, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Here are a few summer activity alternatives for the besties who are living on a budget. 

1. Skip The Club and Have a Themed Girls’ Night Instead

With those hefty entrance fees and $12.00 cocktails, clubbing every weekend is not a financially viable option. But don’t let that stop you from having an epic night of dancing and drinks with your closest pals. Instead, try throwing a themed girls’ night. It’ll save you the expenses that come with going out…PLUS you don’t have to worry about that one creepy dude sweating all over you. Need some party inspiration? The 2000s are the perfect theme! Set a dress code, make cute drinks, DIY some decorations, and enjoy a cheap night of fun! 

2. Trade-In The Overpriced Plane Ticket For a Local Airbnb

I know, renting an Airbnb is obviously going to cost you a little bit. However, if you’re craving a summer vacation, but can’t justify the cost of traveling fees, this might be the perfect option for you. Gather together a group of your best friends, and have everyone pitch in on a cheap Airbnb in the next town over. It may not be the girls trip to Miami you’ve always dreamed of, but sometimes a couple days away from your routine is all you need to fill that vacation craving! 

3. Forget The Mall and Try Thrifting Instead

Why is it that our shopping addiction seems to flourish in the summer? On those scorching hot days, it’s easy to catch yourself cooling off at the local mall. Although you plan for an innocent browse, let’s be honest…you won’t be able to help yourself once you lay eyes on that perfect pair of sunglasses. How do you avoid such luxurious temptation? Skip the mall all together. If you need to feed your shopping addiction, hit up the coolest thrift stores in your city. Not only can you find unique, affordable pieces for yourself, it’s also a great way to flip and sell clothing for a profit! Check out YouTube for some easy DIYs and tutorials on turning your spending habits into a side hustle! 

4. Skip The Inflated Restaurant Prices and Throw A Friends Potluck

Eating out may seem like a harmless decision, but for some of us, it can be the difference between having enough cash for rent or not. Although the occasional patio brunch is a fun opportunity to get dressed up with your besties, there are other ways to enjoy good food with your favorite people while on a budget. Plan a girls’ potluck where everyone is assigned one delicious dish to contribute! This way, no one is burdened with the time and expenses of cooking the whole meal. Potlucks also give everyone creative freedom to impress the group with their special recipe…or you can just bring your favorite frozen casserole from TJ’s. There’s no judgment here! 

Being a broke girl does not mean you have to sacrifice the summer fun! Follow these simple tips to maximize the excitement, while minimizing the cost. 

Written by: Emma Cooke

Instagram: @emmakooke

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