7 Great Answers to “Why Are You Still Single?”

7 Great Answers to “Why Are You Still Single?”

Oh the holidays. It’s an exciting, magical time spent with those we love and those we tolerate. But it’s also a time filled with intense, prying questions like “So, why are you still single?”

It can be so tiring, frustrating and frankly, triggering, to have to explain yourself all the time

But your relative probably didn’t mean any harm by it. And it’s not worth your energy to be rude. Besides, the harsher your response, the most you perpetuate it. It’s best to approach these questions with powerful, yet respectful responses. So in preparation for all the holiday family gatherings you may be attending, we’re bringing you some witty comebacks to that awkward question.

Best Responses to “Why Are You Single?

1. “Thanks for asking!”

Sometimes the best responses are the simplest. This way you avoid hurting their feelings, and let’s face it, you don’t need to defend yourself. Look them straight in the eye, with warmth and love, and just utter those precious words, thank you. If you want to tack on something sentimental, try “I appreciate you showing me love and care. I know that when the right person comes into my life, I’ll be there. For now, I am happy with my life and I can’t wait to be a great partner to someone else.”

2. “If only you could see me before my morning coffee…”

Use humor! Seriously, it cuts the tension and makes you seem unphased, which let’s face it, is just good for your confidence. Quick quips and jokes make this conversation easier, and let your relative know you’re in a good place with your decision. And that’s that!

3. “Why aren’t you single?”

It’s okay to not want a partner! Some people are focused on their aspirations, career objectives, and their relationship with themselves. And WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT. Of course you want to defend your way of life to your relatives, but lighten the mood by flipping the script. Delve into why being single works for you--why you feel empowered by this way of life. Discuss your travels, independence, allllll the fabulousness of YOU. If you stand by it, they’re more likely to support you

4. “Well I’m not sure! Can you set me up with someone?”

Put the job in their hands. First off, they’ll be honored you asked. And it takes the pressure off of you. No more dating apps, right!? And yes, whilst grandma’s offer to introduce you to her podiatrist’s son doesn't sound appealing, you never know, right?

5. “I’m actually dating right now!”

Let them know you’re in the game! You can even go into detail, give them some ear candy, or let them know nothing is serious yet so you don’t wanna share too much. This will most likely excite them. Cause let’s face it, your life is like a tabloid they have to read.

6.“So I have more time to spend with you!”

Yes, it’s another satirical response, but the sentiment is there. You’re reminding them that you have them and that means the most to you. Because you’re single, you’re given that extra special time to maintain and better your social and familial relationships. 

7. “I just haven’t found my person yet.”

We love honesty. It’s kind of our thing… so of course this is what we advocate for! Let them know that whilst you’d love to be in a relationship, it just hasn’t happened yet, and you don’t want to settle for something purely to be in a couple. You want the time and person to be right for you. And don’t forget to remind them how grateful you are for them caring about you so much!

The Bottom Line:

The most important point is that any discomfort you may feel around awkward encounters like this, can be handled with the proper response. Deep down, know your loved ones' are just curious because they care. Whether you want to be single or not, know that your choices and path are what are right for you at this moment. And that’s all that matters.

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