6 Hair Products I Can't Live Without

6 Hair Products I Can't Live Without

Look good, feel good is a universal truth; how can you not smile when you love what you see in the mirror? But for many women, no matter the age, a bad hair day can totally ruin the good vibes. There’s nothing worse than waking up and seeing a mountain of frizz flying from the top of my head. Over the years, I’ve gotten my hair formula down to a science. I don’t sport the luscious locks broadcast on every L’oreal commercial, but I work with what I have! With these 6 hair products in your bathroom, you too can ensure that your hair will always look healthy and have that perfect bounce you’ve been yearning for. 

1. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

With the busy schedule that fills my everyday life, I certainly don’t have the time to give myself the perfect blowout after every shower. Luckily, I discovered the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush! This blow dryer could easily be my all-time favorite purchase. Gone are the days of burning my hair with ten different tools - the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush does it all! If you’re looking for a tool to help you create a variety of styles without the time commitment this is an absolute must have.

2. The Wet Brush

One of the most important aspects of any hair routine is your hair brush. Dry or wet hair, this brush works like a charm. I’ve spent years ripping out clumps of hair with low-quality brushes that cause me both discomfort and legitimate hair loss. The Wet Brush provides a much more delicate combing experience while ensuring your hair remains knot free. Hair brushes should never be a cause of damage - keep your head of hair healthy and full!

3. L’oreal Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray 

I love styling my hair just as much as the next girl, but I certainly hate burning it off with heat heavy products. Over time, I’ve become much more conscious about how I treat my hair. If I don’t protect it now, I’ll have none left to work with in the years to come! So, I never press heat to my hair without first coating my head with L’oreal Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray. Gone are the days of sizzling hair against a steaming flat iron - get the look without the cost. L’oreal’s quality of protection and low cost is unmatched!

4. Hot Tools Professional 24k Gold Curlbar 

I’ve never been super skilled in the styling department - I’ve always preferred my hair after a cut or a blow out. Discovering the Hot Tools Professional 24k Gold Curl Bar has completely transformed my stylistic experience. Though it definitely looks unusual, this product is super easy to use and creates long-lasting, bouncy curls. As one of my favorite tools, the Curl Bar is definitely a go-to!

5. Frizz Ease (Extra Strength Serum)

Humidity, dryness, and heat - the three major enemies of a beautiful head of hair. As someone with pretty thick hair, I have to ensure that my locks will remain tamed. Frizz Ease’s Extra Strength Serum keeps my hair looking smooth and does a fantastic job preventing it from frizzing up. Unlike many other products, my hair never looks greased or dirty after heavy application. Instead, my hair appears refreshed and remains shapely for the duration of the day!

6. Nexxus Comb Thru Volume Finishing Mist

Styling hair can take an awfully long time - why risk losing the look you’ve worked so hard for? I’ve never been a fan of hairspray. There’s nothing I hate more than carrying around a head of stiff, sticky hair. After years of experimenting, I’ve finally found a perfect compromise. Nexxus Comb Thru Volume Finishing Mist creates the perfect hold for whatever style I create while ensuring my hair remains weightless and bouncy. Often the last step in my hair routine, I need my volumizing hair spray to hold it all together!

Written by: Alexandra Cooperman

Instagram: @alexandracooperman

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