6 Essential Hobbies for Introverts

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1. Book Club/Reading

I know, I know. Easier-said-than-done. Most introverts probably already do some form of reading, whether it be magazines, books, articles…or WattPad fan fiction (no judgement!). Joining or starting a book club can require a decent amount of social effort to get off the ground. Not fun. But sometimes, you want someone to share the twists, turns, interesting double meanings, and life lessons that books provide us. Thankfully, AARP has our introverted backs: they created a list of Online Book Clubs you can join. Of course, you can also find one locally, or ask your friends to join in on your reading fun. When it comes to a book club, you want to make sure you find one that correlates with your interests, reading speed, and general availability. 

2. Painting

If you have some extra cash on hand, head to your local Michaels. If you’re in a financial pinch, dig in your closet for the unfinished projects and leftover crafts that haven’t been touched in forever. Craiglist also has lots of free art resources for those in need. Painting is one of those hobbies that isn’t directly defined by a medium or type of canvas. You can paint most objects with a variety of mediums (acrylic, oil, water, etc). Need an update in your room? Try painting an archway by your bed and incorporate some fun colors. Maybe that high school painting needs an update…that’s the beauty of canvas! You can paint and repaint until you are happy. You may struggle to find inspiration or a specific idea to paint. That’s okay; we have you covered with this idea generator. Put on some headphones or stream your newest Netflix addiction and start creating! You don’t need to make plans with anyone or use your energy talking; just you, your brush, and good vibes. 

3. Macrame

In this same breath, we could also say: knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and cross stitch. These are all hobbies that involve very similar materials (i.e. needle and thread or yarn). You are the ultimate creator, as you literally get to pick what you want to create. Patterns on Etsy are only a few bucks to purchase, and most of them are instantly sent. Jazz up that old jean jacket that you never-wear-but-always-wish-you-wore-more. Save some money fixing your own buttons or patching up a busted pocket on your jeans. Macrame is limitless in what you can create: plant holders, cute pillow covers, a lengthy design for your wall, or even keychains! This article gives you 18 free designs to kick start your new hobby.

4. Gardening

A hobby that only needs one person…unless your garden is massive. Learning the lay of the land and how to provide for yourself can feel so rewarding. When it comes to your personal garden, you get to choose exactly what goes into it. This may depend season to season on what can ACTUALLY grow, but you get the point. Gardening can be cathartic in it’s own right. Sitting in the sun pulling weeds, harvesting your latest batch of zucchini, or even cooking dinner with your homegrown broccoli. Whatever you decide to plant, you only need a few gardening supplies before you’re on your way. Blast some music or enjoy the sweet silence outside, because this hobby does not require a second party. Check out the Almanac for tips for beginner gardeners!

5. Cooking

A skill that most people *should* have, but how often do you really cook? For some, it’s a passion, while others struggle to prepare meals on a daily basis. Make cooking a hobby by getting to know the basics. Maybe dinner dishes aren’t your passion; that’s okay! Baking is another option. Once you get the basics down, you can try your hand at creating fun recipes. Spend the week mastering a new genre of food, or try out those weird but tasty looking dishes in that old recipe book sitting on your shelf. Whatever you decide to make, remember that practice makes perfect, and recipes can be modified to your liking or dietary needs!

6. Writing
We saved the best for last. The ultimate hobby that shouldn't require a second person - unless you plan on sharing your writing, or need input for corrections. Writing can be done anywhere, anytime, and with a variety of mediums. You can keep it old school with a pen and paper, or modernize it by using talk-to-text. Maybe you want to start a private blog for you to journal about your day-to-day. Or pick random plots to explore new stories. If you like writing, but don’t know where to begin, look through this list of 365 writing prompts; you may be surprised at what catches your eye!

Written by: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Instagram: @emily_schwerdt

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